Joey Saldana Released by Kasey Kahne Racing

On Monday, Joey Saldana was released from his driving duties with the No. 9 Great Clips / Sage  Fruit / ASE sprint car for Kasey Kahne Racing, but will complete the remaining races on the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series 2012 schedule in the car.

“While I’m disappointed to have been released by Kasey after seven seasons with the team, I’m thankful to Kasey and my crew guys for all their effort,” said Joey. “We  have won a lot of races together.”

While driving for  Kasey Kahne Racing, Joey has accomplished 77 total wins (70 of them being World  of Outlaws wins) and has finished second twice, third twice, and fourth twice in the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series championship points.  He currently sits fourth in points with seven races remaining.

American Muscle

“I want to thank  all my fans for their support through the years and in the upcoming  off-season,” Joey remarked.  “I am hopeful to be back out on the World of Outlaws tour next year competing for a championship.”  No plans are in place with any team at this time.

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  1. joey s a tough competitor im sure the world of outlaws will keep him in the series. its a shame to lose a driver the calibur of joey. hope he will be back out there next year.

  2. M I don’t think that it is necessary to bash Cody or his family. It’s distasteful and has no place here or anywhere that I have found. I appreciate your insight as to Cody’s family Eunice. Thank You. But I still don’t feel like Cody’s parents have anything to do with how Cody does his job. I think that Kasey like many other business owners was in between a rock and a hard place. He had to make a difficult decision for he and Joey. So he made a decision. Joey’s comments were not ugly or bitter. I would hope that ours could be as gracious. I have learned over the years that the business of racing very often gets in the way of the sport of racing just because of the dollars and cents of it all. I am positive that Joey Saldana will land a good ride for next year and that Kasey will find a strong and talented driver for the 9. In the mean time we have 4 races to go to determine our champion and Joey is still in the 9. Lets make his last 4 races a joy not a chore.

  3. Has anyone thought that maybe the sponsors have had a say in this
    As a Race Team Owner it’s possible that KKR is better off signing
    Darryn Pittman and having full sponsorship rather than running Joey
    Saldana with little to no sponsorship. Also do you guys have any
    understanding of all the possible internal issues they might be having
    7 Years with the Team all the best equipment and no championship
    I would say its time for a change

    • To my knowledge, and I mean as recent as Friday there had not
      Been a decision made by Kasey Kahne Racing or Joey as far as
      2013 goes. Where the decision to let Joey go was definetly a business decision
      I did not pick up any negative tone from Kasey in regards to the decision.
      As a car owner I am quite sure that you understand the need to maintain positive professional communication with drivers fans and media. That
      Said I am greatly appreciative of your time to read and comment

    • Apparently you don’t know the Darrah family. Cody has been racing for years and is quite good at it. His dad works damn hard for his money. You can’t hate a man who has made good business decisions and now has money. His mother works six days a week and is damn good at her job. YOU ARE JUST A HATER………….

      • YOU GOT TO INTERVIEW KASEY KAHNE????????(BREATHE. BREATHE. BREATHE.)Okay. I’m done hyperventilating !This ineievtrw is hilarious! Bullrider? And yeah, I could have guessed the cuss word by the in-car radio. Everybody else wants God to say come in . Kasey figures he’s made it so all God has to do is say Hi! I love this man!

    • he does curse like a sailor on the radio so the word f*** is something old for Kasey. so girls turn him on , duh! couldn’t he say something like a naughty thing he he. vallih your so lucky you got to see and speak to that beautiful man!

  4. Not sure I get what’s going on around KKR. Turner releases Leffler for Sweet, who hasn’t performed well. Now they get rid of Saldana, who’s one of the best WoO drivers.


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