Gary McLean wins 20th Annual Autumn Colors Classic and OSCAAR Modified Championship

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignright” width=”266″][/media-credit]At the end of the OSCAAR Modified feature, it’d be Gary McLean claiming another feature victory for his eighth win in 12 series starts. It marks the crowning achievement in McLean’s 2012 Championship season. It would be all McLean podium with Brent McLean second and Brian McLean third.

In the first heat on Friday night, Brian Strawn would take the win followed by Brian McLean, Matt Barton, Josh Gruntz, Darren Kearnan, Brandon Crumbie, Dave Terry and Gary McLean.

In the second heat, Justin Demelo would win, followed by Brent McLean, Justin Jones, Tristan Anderson, Tim Burke, Dave Osbourne, David McCollough and Phil Bullen.

In the third heat on Saturday afternoon, Dean Scott would spin around twice. Gary McLean would come home with the victory ahead of Terry, Crumbie, Brian McLean, Strawn, Kearnan, Barton and Gruntz.

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignleft” width=”266″][/media-credit]In the final heat, Burke would take the victory ahead of Brent McLean, Jones, McCollough, Demelo, Mackenzie and Bullen. Anderson went for a spin on the last lap.

Once it came time for the feature, it’d be Gary McLean starting on pole virtue of his win in the Chase for the Colors event earlier this year. He would grab the lead off the start with Brian McLean second while Justin Demelo battled with Brian Strawn for third. Strawn and Brent McLean would both Demelo for positon by lap four.

The first caution would come out at lap six for Tim Burke spinning in turn two. Phil Bullen would make his way down pit road.

On the restart, it’d be Gary McLean in front of Brian McLean again while Strawn and Brent McLean battled for third. They’d battle till the caution for Demelo stalling on track due to a flat tire due to contact with Strawn. He would be spend multiple laps on pit road fixing the damage.

The restart would go clean, though the third caution would quickly fly on lap 10 for Matt Barton getting into Brandon Crumbie, collecting David McCullough. McCullough and Crumbie would get done for the race as a result of the damage, while Barton would get a blackflag for rough driving.

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignright” width=”266″][/media-credit]On the restart, Gary McLean would once again lead ahead of Brian McLean, now with Brent McLean third followed by Strawn and Justin Jones. Brent McLean would then pass Brian McLean for second on lap 16.

The rest of the race would run mostly without further incidents, except for Dean Scott spinning on lap 44.

Gary McLean would claim the victory and the 2012 OSCAAR Modified Championship. Brent McLean would finish second, ahead of Brian McLean, Brian Strawn and Davey Terry. The full results are listed below as per the OSCAAR Modified website, along with the unofficial championship standings. Davey Terry was crowned 2012 Inside Track Rookie of the Year.


Results: OSCAAR Modifieds Autumn Colours Classic 50 (Peterborough Speedway)

1. #8 Gary McLean; 2. #7 Brent McLean; 3. #47 Brian McLean; 4. #77s Brian Strawn; 5. #14 Davey Terry; 6. #4 Tristan Anderson; 7. #77j Justin Jones; 8. #99xTim Burke; 9. #46 Darren Kearnan; 10. #31 Josh Gruntz; 11. #67 Phil Bullen; 12. #19 Dean Scott; 13. #82 Justin Demelo; 14. #39 David McCullough (DNF – accident); 15. #2 Matt Barton (DQ – rough driving); 16. #72 Brandon Crumbie (DQ – rough drving); 17. #11 Dave Osbourne (DNS); 18. #96 Larry Mackenzie (DNS).

UNOFFICIAL Championship Standings (Top-10)

1. #8 Gary McLean 832 Points; 2. #7 Brent McLean 785; 3. #14 Davey Terry 720 (R); 4. #99x Tim Burke 672; 5. #31 Josh Gruntz 630 (R); 6. #47 Brian McLean 612; 7. #72 Brandon Crumbie (R) 603; 8. #1B Brad Pearsall 552; 9. #51 Adam Adams 550; 10. #82 Justin Demelo 446.

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