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Brandon Watson wins Autumn Colors Classic Feature and OSCAAR Super Late Model Championship

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignright” width=”266″][/media-credit]Continuing the success of his young racing career, Brandon Watson would win the 20thAnnual Autumn Colors Classic 50-lap OSCAAR Super Late Model feature and be crowned the 2012 series champion. The 20-year-old from Stayner, Ontario becomes the youngest series champion.

As part of OSCAAR tradition, last year’s champion Glenn Watson would hand the championship trophy to his nephew in victory lane.

Also, Jesse Kennedy was officially named 2012 Inside Track Rookie of the Year.

Getting to the action from this past weekend, in the first heat, J.R. Fitzpatrick would take the win driving Roy Passer’s late model. Derrike Tiemersma would finish second, followed by Corey Furkey, Rob Clarke, Owen Smith, Mike Bricknell and Chris Burrows. On the last lap, Jeff Dunford went for the spin.

In the second heat, Jesse Kennedy would turn Shawn McGlynn in turn three. Brandon Watson would take the victory, ahead of George Wilson, Dave Taylor, Tyler Hawn and Keith King.

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignleft” width=”266″][/media-credit]In the third heat, Rob Poole would take the win ahead of Charlie Gallant, Glenn Watson, Rudy Oppersma and Todd Campbell.

In the fourth heat, Clarke would spin on lap four. Owen Smith would take the win ahead of Tiemersma, Furkey, Fitzpatrick, Clarke, Burrows and Bricknell.

In the fifth heat, McGlynn would get spun around on lap two by King. George Wilson would get the win ahead of Brandon Watson, Taylor, McGlynn, Kennedy, Hawn and King.

The sixth and final heat would go to Charlie Gallant ahead of Poole, Glenn Watson, Oppersma, Campbell, Gary Passer and Quinn Misener.

Following the qualifying heats and the draw in the pits, it’d be Rookie Rob Poole starting on pole, with 2012 OSCAAR Super Late Model Champion Brandon Watson starting second. Veteran Derrike Tiemersma would start third, followed by George Wilson, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Charlie Gallant and Glenn Watson.

On the drop of the green flag, Brandon Watson would grab the lead with Wilson second, bumping Poole back to third ahead while Tiemersma and Fitzpatrick battled for fourth. Fitzpatrick would clear Tiemersma on lap three, with Glenn Watson passing Tiemersma for fifth on lap five.

The top five would run single file all the way till the first caution at lap 18 for Keith King slowing in turns one and two. Under caution, Rob Poole would come down pit road and be done for the race with a broken clutch. So with 32 laps to go, it’d be Brandon Watson leading Wilson, Fitzpatrick, Glenn Watson, Gallant, Owen Smith, Rob Clarke and Tiemersma.

On the restart, there’d be another caution as Brandon Watson would run into problems while Dave Taylor spun on the front stretch virtue of Corey Furkey. Brandon Watson would make his way down pit road, work on the car and restart at the back of the field. Fitzpatrick would also make a pit stop under caution. Meanwhile, Chris Burrows would be done for the race. So now it’d be Wilson leading Glenn Watson, Gallant, Smith, Clarke and Tiemersma.

They’d get one lap in, but then the third caution would fly when Wilson was spun by Glenn Watson while battling for the lead. Behind them, Todd Campbell also spun while Gallant, Taylor and Jesse Kennedy were also involved. Under caution, King, Rudy Oppersma and Tyler Hawn would make their way down pit road. Now with 31 laps to go, it’d be Gallant leading Smith, Clarke, Tiemersma, Taylor, Campbell, Jeff Dunford, Fitzpatrick, Kyle Passer and Brandon Watson.

On the restart, Gallant would hold the lead while Smith and Clarke battled for second. Clarke would get by Smith and then challenge Gallant for

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignright” width=”266″][/media-credit]the lead. There would be contact between Clarke and Gallant, resulting in a wreck which brought out the fifth caution of the 50 lap feature. Smith and Tiemersma would also be collected in the wreck. However, because Tiemersma was involved after the instant of the caution being thrown, Tiemersma would keep his position as the race leader. So with 30 laps to go, it’d be Tiemersma leading Dunford, Taylor, Passer, Brandon Watson, Glenn Watson, Campbell, Furkey, Wilson, Oppersma and Shawn McGlynn.

On the restart, Tiemersma would keep the lead ahead of Dunford while Brandon Watson continued his climb back up through the field, getting side-by-side with Taylor for third. Brandon Watson would clear Taylor on lap 24, leaving Taylor to battle with Campbell for fourth. However, Campbell would clear Taylor for fifth on lap 25, and then both Wilson and Glenn Watson would pass Taylor to bump him back to seventh.

On lap 28, Wilson would pass Campbell for fourth. Brandon Watson would pass Dunford for second on lap 30 just before the sixth caution flew for Oppersma spinning in turn four in his own fluid. So with 20 laps to go, it’d be Tiemersma leading Brandon Watson, Dunford, Wilson, Campbell, Glenn Watson, Taylor and Furkey.

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignleft” width=”266″][/media-credit]On the restart, it’d be Tiemesma and Brandon Watson side-by-side for the lead, with Tiemersma keeping Brandon Watson at bay. On lap 33 under green, Fitzpatrick would pit and be done for the race due to an issue in the rear end.

The seventh caution would fly on lap 35 when Quinn Misner spun on the backstretch, collecting Gallant, King and Kennedy. Due to the race being over its time limit, caution laps would now be counted.

The restart would come on lap 38 with Tiemersma holding serve over Brandon Watson, Wilson, Glenn Watson and Jeff Dunford. On lap 40, Tiemersma and Brandon Watson would get side-by-side for the lead. However, the eighth caution would fly the same lap as Shawn McGlynn got wrecked by Kennedy. So with 10 laps to go, it’d be Tiemersma leading Brandon Watson, Wilson, Glenn Watson, Dunford, Campbell, Furkey and Clarke.

The restart would come on lap 46, with Brandon Watson and Wilson both getting by Tiemersma for first and second. The ninth caution would then fly as Smith would stop in the grass. He spun into the grass on the previous lap after contact from Clarke.

On the restart, Glenn Watson would run into trouble and then the caution would fly the next lap as Clarke would wreck in turn four, collecting Taylor. Under caution, Glenn Watson made his way down pit road.

The race would go green with one lap to go and Brandon Watson would lead that lap to take the win. George Wilson finished second, followed by Derrike Tiemersma, Jeff Dunford and Gary Passer. The full results and unofficial standings are posted below.


Results: Autumn Colours Classic 50 (Peterborough Speedway)

1. #9 Brandon Watson; 2. #77 George Wilson; 3. #7 Derrick Tiemersma; 4. #7T Jeff Dunford; 5. #13 Gary Passer; 6. #07 Todd Campbell; 7. #10 Jesse Kennedy; 8. #2 John Owen; 9. #45F Corey Furkey; 10. #91 Keith King; 11. #69 Mike Bricknell; 12. #22 Glenn Watson; 13. #42 Tyler Hawn; 14. #5 Quinn Misener; 15. #49 Rob Clarke (DNF –accident); 16. #51 Dave Taylor (DNF –accident); 17. #81 Shawn McGlynn (DNF-accident); 18. #27x J.R. Fitzpatrick (DNF – rear-end); 19. #04 Rudy Oppersma (DNF – overheated); 20. #40P Charlie Gallant (DNF – accident); 21. #64b Chris Burrows (DNF – mechanical+); 22. #45 Rob Poole (DNF – mechanical).

UNOFFICIAL Championship Standings (Top-10)

1. #9 Brandon Watson 741 Points; 2. #7 Derrick Tiemersma 683; 3. #77 George Wilson 682; T-4. #22 Glenn Watson 665; T-4. #40P Charlie Gallant 665; 6. #10 Jesse Kennedy (R) 649; 7. #13 Gary Passer 578; 8. #07 Todd Campbell 555; 9. #45 Rob Poole (R) 531; 10. #29 Shawn Chenoweth 500.

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