Todd Cresswell picks up Lucas Oil Cam-Am Midget win at Sunset Speedway

Todd Cresswell would start out front and never look back as he would pick up the win in the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget race at Sunset Speedway on August 18th.

The first lap saw a small incident when the 94 got into Corey Moesker in turn four. David Balych took the win ahead of Barry Dunn, the 99, the 94 and Rob Divenanzo.

The second heat, Tom Jyle would go for a pair of spins. Cresswell grabbed the win ahead of the 84, Darren McLennan, Rob Neely, Adrian Stahle, Justin Fraser, the 31 and Jyle.

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The third heat ran clean till a debris caution, which saw the 20 pull off shortly after. Then the 02 would go for a spin in turn four. Mack Deman grabbed the win ahead of James Grey, Chris Holman, the 4, Chris Bauman and the 02.

In the final sprint before the main, the 02 and the 31 would have an incident on the last lap. Adrian Stahle grabbed the win ahead of Moesker, Jyle, the 20, Fraser, Bauman, Divenanzo and Mike Westwood.

S003756222 Can-Am Midgets would start the feature with Todd Cresswell starting pole followed by the 94, the 84, Barry Dunn and Mack Deman.

Cresswell pulled out the early lead ahead of Dunn and the 94 while the 84 and Balych battled for fourth. The 84 would pass the 94 for third with Deman and McLennan right behind. Deman would slip by the 94 for fourth shortly after.

Over the middle portion of the race, the top seven ran single-file while Balych and Neely battled for ninth. Neely would get the advantage on that battle, then joining Grey as they both slipped past McLennan. Deman would catch up to the 84 for third, but wasn’t able to get by before the caution for the 4 spinning in turn two.

On the restart, it’d be Cresswell leading Dunn, the 84, Deman, Grey, Neely, McLennan, Moesker, Balych and Stahle.

On the restart, there’d be another caution as Neely and the 20 had problems going into turn three.

The second attempt at a restart would be a go with Cresswell grabbing the lead while Dunn, the 84 and Deman battled three-wide for second. Deman would come out on top of that battle, ahead of the 84, Grey and Dunn. Grey and Dunn, along with Moesker, would get by the 84 shortly after to move up a position each.

Todd Cresswell would lead the final laps to take the win ahead of Deman, Grey, Dunn, Moesker, the 84, Balych, Stahle, McLennan, Holman, the 94, the 31, the 88, Jyle, Divenanzo and the 02.

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