A Spin-Out For A Teammate To Get A Chase Spot, Why Not?

I haven’t been around for quite awhile due to health reasons, so some of you might remember me and some of you may not. I did a newsletter called Race Fans Stock Car News for almost twelve years up until the first two or three months into 2012.  I am sure I have wrote at least a hundred commentaries and I have been writing and tossing them away.  But after the Richmond race that locked in the Chase, I decided this is one I could not toss out.

After I write this, some of you may wish that I crawl back into a hole and not come out and write anymore but I doubt that I do. I am too stubborn and am used to negative and positive feedback. I am back and I have God and many prayers to thank for this come back from these many months of ups and downs and I thank the many who have wrote me even telling me not to write back but just letting me know you were thinking about me. You can’t imagine how much this has meant, especially from my long time racing buddies from back into the 90’s. You always know who sticks with you when times are tough.

Okay, enough about where I have been but before I say what I am going to about Saturday nights race in Richmond.  I know some will agree with me along with others that questioned the post race “woohoo”, also shared the same opinion as I.  There will also be many who will not agree with my opinion about Clint Bowyer’s mysterious spin-out while Newman was leading and about to win the race.  A win would clinch Newman a spot in the Chase. Bowyer in my opinion did it intentionally.

Bowyer knew if he brought out a caution, there was a chance that he might stop Newman from winning and clinching the Chase spot. If that happened, it would put his teammate Truex in the right spot and Michael Waltrip racing (MWR) would have two in the Chase. Bowyer had nothing to lose. He was already locked into the Chase. Well, his spin-out worked but I call it real down and dirty racing Bowyer.

The what I call intentional spin-out changed a lot to the outcome of the race. A bad spit stop after that caution admitted by Newman made him finish in third place behind Edwards who came out the winner. But if you had not did your spin-out, Newman would not have had to pit. Newman would not have had to stop and get a bad pit stop.

Your buddy Truex, ended up in seventh place which caused a tiebreaker claiming the second “Wild Card” over Newman. This spin-out not only affected Newman. Your spin-out affected Jeff Gordon who came out minus two points and being replaced in the upcoming Chase this week at Loudon by Joey Logano. Did you sleep good last night Mr. Bowyer? I hope you did. I am sure your owner slept really good. Who knows, this was probably talked about should the opportunity to help Truex out if the opportunity should arise and it did. You cheated.

You know up until last night, you were one driver I liked with a list of several others. I don’t dislike any driver, I just have my favorites in numerical order and you went to the bottom of all of the drivers whose last name end with a B. You were not my favorite and to be honest, this year was the first that you seemed to take on a pleasant personality. I thought perhaps maybe it was a good dose of “Duck Dynasty,” being around those honest, God loving men had an effect on you. Well what you did in Richmond showed me I was wrong. Mikey (Waltrip) was all smiles. Who would blame him.  But when Michael Waltrip was a driver and not the big owner/part time superspeedway driver, I don’t think he would have intentionally done what you did.

You are real lucky being right in front of Dale Earnhardt Jr. that your spin-out did not take him out or any other innocent driver that could have been effected. You did enough damage to Newman and Gordon.

Those who millions saw being asked post race like Rusty Wallace and Ray Everham said it looked very suspicious Bowyer. When Dale Jr. was asked post race, he said he was wondering what was wrong with your car which was right in front of him as you began going all over the place. The overhead camera clearly showed that Dale Jr. never touched your car to make you spin-out.  In your interview which was short and sweet, you tried to put the blame on everything.  You even tried to blame it on Dale Jr. and just turned and walked away. Did you eyeball the leaderboard and know who was leading and who had to be where and where each driver had to finish? Were you that smart? I am sure of one thing, you knew that Newman definitely did not need to win. You made sure of that.

I hope NASCAR reviews the spin-out over and over the next two or three days with you Mr. Bowyer, along with your owner, and Mr. Newman and his owners. I would tell them up front that no one was to utter one word but just to view the film of the spin-out from all angles including your in car cam, and the sound of his engine, then leave. It might be good to have Dale Jr. and Mr .Hendrick there also since you tried to put blame on Dale Jr. and show the overhead view of your two cars prior to your accidental spin-out. After viewing all of this I would have everyone leave and for once, just for once NASCAR, let your conscious do justice.

The right thing to do NASCAR is to take big points from Mr. Bowyer, MWR and/or remove him from the Chase and put in Newman in the Chase. Maybe if more harsh punishments like this were done, this cheating crap would stop.

Agree or disagree with me. There is one word that will come back to bite the guilty one someday and that is KARMA.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com


  1. Well RK, I am 76 and I say your statements are a bunch (big pile) of BS.If NA$CAR loves Mr. Hendrick so much, why didn’t they give 24 their legimitate finish and put him in the chase?

    People like you don’t have a clue.

  2. I don’t now how old you are but I am 75 and voluntary spin outs, crashing somebody to change the outcome of the race has been around since NASCAR was started. This is not golf, this is racing, and racing is meant to be racing, may the best team or driver win. If this was a Childress or Hendricks team, NASCAR would have said JUST RACING.

    • Dave, thank you. I just finished my second commentary. I have missed it very much. Have missed my subscribers to my newstetter almost 12 years who many became my friends like you. I hated I just dropped out of the picture but health issues made me have no choice. Am so thankful to be back. Hope all is well with you and your family way way up north.



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