Hot 20 – To be Canadian is Like Dealing with the Soup Nazi…No NASCAR for Me!

How can you tell if you are a foreigner? Okay, even that might be getting rather difficult these days of open borders and botched security. However, if you want to watch an American truck race on an American track on an American channel, you might be S.O.L. if you are a Canadian boy watching via a Canadian provider.

You see, a while back my provider dumped SPEED over some nonsense that SPEED was about to go out of business. I mentioned to them that the broadcaster was going to become FOX 1, but I was told I did not know what I was talking about. I usually get that reaction when I marry someone, but I do not remember the nuptials in this instance. So, SPEED went away, my bill remained the same, but my NASCAR opportunities were reduced. Now, if I wished to watch an international soccer game Wednesday night, I would have been in luck. Unfortunately for me, I view soccer as less of a sport than I do poker, though I admit it provides a dandy cardio exercise. Yet, if I wanted to see men run around in short pants, I would go with the Australian Football League. You know, watching real men playing a real sport who suffer real injuries. So, while someone from Nicaragua might have been able to watch the race thanks to your president’s largess, this foreigner could not.

Thankfully, I will get to watch this weekend’s action from Indianapolis. Sure, it is on ESPN and that is like hearing soccer, rather than seeing it, but I do have the option of lowering the volume when it gets to be too much. It does make me wonder when 2015 rolls around how much NASCAR I am going to get up our way. Sure, I could watch the Canadian Tire series, but have you ever watched our Canadian version of NASCAR? I would rather listen to Allen, Rusty, and Brad than subject myself to that unappealing fare if it came down to a choice…and that is saying a lot.

You will not find a Brad Keselowski, a Dale Earnhardt Jr, a Jeff Gordon, or a Jimmie Johnson in the lower tiered circuit. You will find them among the drivers who have made the most impact to date in Cup action. After giving drivers an additional 22 point bonus for winning, we find Keselowski and Junior tied in points, with the former champion given the nod for his additional victory. While the advent of the Chase expands the relevant to a dozen other drivers, this quartet have dominated the scene thus far in 2014. In 19 events this season, the four have combined to take nine of them.

As for this weekend, 20 times they have raced at the Brickyard and eight times the win has gone to someone named either Gordon or Johnson. Maybe a two-time Indianapolis winner, like Tony Stewart, or last year’s victor, Ryan Newman, can break the monopoly. Hey, you could always cheer for a foreigner. Juan Pablo Montoya won there before…just without fenders.

1 – Brad Keselowski – 700 POINTS – 3 Wins
2 – Dale Earnhardt, Jr. – 700 – 2
3 – Jeff Gordon – 692 – 1
4 – Jimmie Johnson – 664 – 3
5 – Matt Kenseth – 621 – 0
6 – Carl Edwards – 618 – 2
7 – Joey Logano – 595 – 2
8 – Kyle Busch – 589 – 1
9 – Ryan Newman – 573 – 0
10 – Kevin Harvick – 572 – 2
11 – Denny Hamlin – 552 – 1
12 – Clint Bowyer – 548 – 0
13 – Paul Menard – 541 – 0
14 – Kyle Larson – 524 – 0
15 – Austin Dillon – 524 – 0
16 – Greg Biffle – 519 – 0
17 – Kasey Kahne – 515 – 0
18 – Brian Vickers – 507 – 0
19 – Tony Stewart – 502 – 0
20 – Aric Almirola – 495 – 1


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Ron Thornton
Ron Thornton
A former radio and television broadcaster, newspaper columnist, Little League baseball coach, Ron Thornton has been following NASCAR on this site since 2004. While his focus may have changed over recent years, he continues to make periodic appearances only when he has something to say. That makes him a rather unique journalist.


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