Checkered Wings – A Poem by Michelle Lippold

I landed at the track that day and tucked away my checkered wings,

So much going on around me, I was looking for just one thing.

My son had grown into a man, and I felt such a sense of pride.

I settled into his racecar, the past came rushing back to me,

It felt so damn good to be there, I was taking in all I could.

As I watched him driving his car, I loved every single minute,

Relaxing I could hear his voice, it sounded so much like my own

Time went by too fast in a blur; I never wanted it to end,

I turned to see him look at me, holding back the tears in his eyes.

“Dad, I should have won today, I’m sorry that I let you down.”

Shocked, unaware he could see me, I said, “Son you did your best.”

But he looked unsure and beaten, and that broke my heart to see.

“I wasn’t the best Dad my son, you know racing was my life,

I hope that now you understand all the things that I had to do.

I wasn’t with you kids enough and now I can’t take that back,

But even when you can’t see me, I am always there for you all.”

I heard Davey, Neil and Alan calling me, ‘Son I have to go,

I really hate leaving so soon but it’s time for me to go back.

It seems I have some butts to kick, at the highest, baddest track.’”

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Michelle Lippold
Michelle Lippold
I've grown up watching racing of some sort from midgets to Stock Cars since I was a child. I run the FB page Everything NASCAR but really want to explore my love of writing and racing together. I love both things so I decided to try combining them.


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