How Auto Racing Would Look as an Olympic Sport

If you are a fan of auto racing, you might be wondering whether or not racing would be a sport that fits in at the Olympics. After all, if equestrian dressage is classed as an Olympic sport, there’s no reason why racing couldn’t be, either. The Olympic Games would create the perfect opportunity for racing fans from various disciplines to watch their favorite drivers from different series across the world compete head to head against each other. But, how exactly would Olympic racing be structured if it made it there?


The racing cars would likely be one of the trickiest aspects of Olympic auto racing which would take the most preparation and planning when it comes to rules and guidelines. There would be a requirement for the cars to have a range of characteristics from each of the major racing series around the world. There is a large possibility that the cars would need to be new models, as using regular Formula 1 cars or stock cars would give those drivers who drive them regularly a distinct advantage.


If auto racing were to become an Olympic sport, there would need to be a lot of thought and preparation put into building the tracks, which would likely be one of the first construction jobs started. Creating a new racing track would mean building it for the best auto racers in the world, with sturdy crash protection barriers and more from companies such as Armco Barrier Supplies. Of course, having to build a whole new track would also depend on whether or not there are already racing tracks in the area, and how suitable they would be for auto racing as an Olympic sport.


This time around, the Rio Olympics introduced golf as an Olympic sport for the first time – but after a number of golfers dropped out due to Zika virus concerns, golfing fans were even more disappointed to find that there was just a straight four-round tournament for individual medals. Hopefully, if auto racing comes to the Olympic Games, it will be a little more fun. An ideal format would be to have both individual and team titles that stack in Olympic auto racing. Rather than being awarded for race wins, gold medals should be awarded for the best performance over a series of around four races for both drivers and national teams. The Formula 1 points system could be used in order to adequately reward winning.

Who Would Drive for Each Country?

Of course, one of the biggest decisions that would need to be made if auto racing became an Olympic Sport would be deciding who would drive for each country’s national sporting team. There would also be guidelines on how many team members each country is allowed to field per race, in order to make sure that it is fair.

If auto racing were to come to the Olympics in 2020, which top drivers would you like to see on your country’s team? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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