Essential Gear for Track Day Success

If you’re a fan of motorsport and are looking to get into racing or are a seasoned professional ready for your next event, heading out onto the track is something that gives you the ultimate adrenaline rush. Track days are one of the best ways to get behind the wheel and realize those dreams of becoming a racing driver, even if it is just for the day. There are many elements when preparing for a track day event and thinking about your safety and others around you is paramount to making it a successful racing day. If you’ve been hit with track fever, take a look at some of the essential gear to take with you when heading out onto the track.

Getting your vehicle safely to the raceway

Getting the vehicle prepped and safely transported to your track day is vital to ensure it arrives without any hassles. If your car is being trailered to the event, be sure to do checks while securing the vehicle to the trailer. Taking trailer accessories and spares is also a great idea, as getting a flat on the way there could end the day before it begins, putting you in last place.


Choosing the right protection for your racing experience is important for extra peace of mind. It’s common sense to research the best options and cheaper is not going to be better in this instance. Many race days and track events require drivers to have Snell-rated helmets that are in a good and safe condition. These ratings change regularly due to rigorous testing procedures so be sure to check this before heading out.

The right clothing

Getting your clothing right for track days is essential to ensure safety. Some locations, especially in the blistering heats of Southern California, still require drivers to wear long sleeve shirts and pants made from natural fibers. Its imperative to wear cotton as this material burns whereas polyester melts and can lead to painful and nasty burns if the worst should happen.

Tire pressure gauge

Tires come under immense stresses and pressures during track events so ensuring you have a trusty tire pressure gauge is vital to keep them in top condition. While you are driving, tires become hot, and pressure can increase significantly. This, in turn, can lead to a reduction in grip while you drive around the track and could affect drive times.

Handy essentials

There are so many things to remember to take on a track day; you sometimes forget the little things. Items such as masking tape, duct tape, and zip ties are great for attaching car numbers unless of course they are emblazoned on the side of the car or to cover bumpers and headlights if you want to avoid chips and track rash.

These simple yet effective items could help to make or break your track day experience. Be sure to select the best tools and equipment for the job and do your research to ensure your ultimate safety on the track.

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