How to cut your car maintenance costs

Did you know that owning a car can cost you close to $9,000 each month, that’s around $800 a month on overall car upkeep and maintenance. The costs of owning a car do not just stop the minute that you drive your new wheels off the dealer’s forecourt, in fact, you now need to commit to keeping to a strict car maintenance schedule to ensure that you keep your passengers safe and secure while you are out and about. Luckily, there are now several ways that you can make sure you keep those costs in hand, from saving on fuel to keeping your tires sufficiently full of air, make sure you follow these tips and tricks to help you cut down on your car maintenance costs.


Sensible fuel usage

If you usually opt for premium fuel, then think again. Your engine may not even be designed for higher-octane fuel types – you could even be damaging your motor in the long run too. If you are not sure about the type of engine that your car has, then make sure that you visit your local garage or dealer to ensure that you can understand which type of fuel your car is designed for. Regular fuel may even improve the overall performance of your car. If you are spending a small fortune on fuel, then you can get savvy and start using apps or sites such as Gas Buddy to enable you to shop around before filling up. If you are trying to save on your fuel consumption, then you also need to give your driving style some attention also. If you are a self-confessed speed junky, then your aggressive driving could be costing you some serious bucks – slowing down could even see you save around 33 percent of your overall gas mileage on the highways. Try sticking to around 50 mph and set your cruise control to ensure that you get the most out of each tank. Even if you are cautious and stop well in advance for each and every red light, then you could also be saving on your fuel while idling. Turn off your cars’ engine to cut your overall consumption, rather than leaving the engine on a low rev speed.  By following these easy tips, you are sure to notice that you need to fill up your car even less than you currently do so, cutting your car maintenance costs.


Get religious about car maintenance

While you may usually change your car oil frequently, you could be spending more than you need to – when another brand of oil designed for extended use will enable you to keep your car in full running order for a longer period of time. If you think you need to change your car’s motor oil before 5,000 miles then this is not the case, as some brands of oil can even last you are far as 20,000 miles before you even need to change them. When you are changing your car engine oil, make sure to review other essential fluids such as the brake fluid, transmission oil, and the radiator also – keep tabs on your last car maintenance check, so that you can ensure you schedule this in your diary for the next few months. If you are dead set on getting religious about your car maintenance, then you will also need to invest in a mechanic that is trustworthy and reasonably priced. Make sure that you shop around and follow recommendations when choosing a car mechanic. Many smaller, local businesses will be able to keep track of your car service history, and you can save yourself some dollars over time by signing up to offers and loyalty schemes that most local businesses now provide. You could even choose to complete some of the maintenance work yourself at home. Easy fixes such as checking your oil and tire pressure are simple enough for you to complete. While, if you are ever unsure about any other essential maintenance, then make sure you book in to see your mechanic – rather than attempting to do this yourself.


Shop around

If your much-loved motor is costing you more to maintain than you can afford, then it may be time to say goodbye and invest in a new motor. If you are looking to replace your car, then you do not necessarily need to buy the most expensive and latest model on the market. Be sure to check what is on offer in your state, and work out which option is best for you and your household. If you are keen to buy a new car, then most dealers offer a range of seasonal discounts and offers, meaning that you are not required to pay straight away, or even offer you several months of insurance included in the initial cost price. You should be sure to book in for a test drive at your local dealership if you are interested in models such as Suzuki Vitara. This will enable you to feel how it drives and responds while you are out and about on the roads. Take your time and do not feel pressured by pushy salesmen. Remember that this is a long-term investment; so be sure that you choose the best option for you and your household.


If you are spending a small fortune on your car maintenance costs, then there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to help you to save your dollars. Make sure that you start using some sensible driving techniques to reduce your overall fuel expenditure. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about your car maintenance and do be sure to invest in a trustworthy local mechanic so that you can offer the latest deals and loyalty schemes to ensure that you cut costs and earn rewards. Finally, if you need to invest in a new motor, then it is worth shopping around and taking your time so that you make the best choice for you and your family. Car ownership is expensive, but these handy hacks will help you to cut down those maintenance costs.

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