Top Tips For Buying Used Car From A Dealer

No doubt it is complicated to buy a used car rather buy a new one. People are mostly concerned about the condition like what is fixed and what can broke. Another important concern people have is the warranty of the car or its parts. Most of the cars today are sold in the as is condition which can seem to be quite risky and so once you sign the paper, you will be left with a car and yes, lots of problems!

This does not mean that buying a used car is a bad idea on the contrary, it can be wisest decision you will be making. In case you are living on a limited budget you will be better off with a used car. In case you are not planning to finance the car you will have to get the liability insurance. Again, unlike the new car there will not be any added fees for you to pay.

We all know that buying a new car gives us peace and the used one comes at a risk. You are sure that the former one has not hit the road and so is safe. In case anything goes wrong, everything will be covered under warranty. In case of a used car these assurances are not present. Knowing the right place to buy a used car and which car to buy can relieve your stress and tension to a great extent. There are a few things you should consider when buying the wheel of dreams.

Simply answer these questions…

How much can you afford?

Before buying the car and getting a good deal you need to be sure about a few things. How you plan to use the car? What is the purpose? What is your budget? What facilities you want?

What car to buy?

Based on your needs and lifestyle you need to decide the car that well-suits you. As you will be using the car for the coming years you need to anticipate your future a bit and gauze the lifestyle changes. You can easily buy mid-size cars today as you will easily find a good deal on them. It can sometimes be difficult to zero down on the car model as there are good numbers of options available for used cars. You can talk to your friend or check for online. In case you are looking for Ford models, you will easily get answers here.

How old the car is?

In case you are considering the budget and looking for one which will last long with less expenses then you should look for a smaller car which is not much old rather than going for an older, bigger car. This is because the former one will be expensive due to the fuel and maintenance costs. You should look for a car which is just couple of years old. You will easily find a model as many people have the habit to buy a new one frequently.

How much you should spend on the car?

Chances are more that people end up overspending the saved budget and here are the tips to avoid it.

  • Do some research

You may be ready with the money and set a budget but do you know you are having realistic numbers? You can provide the details of the car and get valuation. You will get approximate value of the car. You should give yourself some time and test drive it. You should also ask a mechanic to go through the engine and other important parts. Make sure you check the car and avoid doing it at night or when it is raining.

  • Take a test drive

This is definitely an important process and you should carry it out on different types of road. You should check for unwanted noises or vibrations from the car and ensure it starts right away. You should check each and every feature of the car right from the brakes, wiper and what not!

  • Examine the exterior and interior

You should check for dent or rust in any body part. You should also check for leaks and any kind of damage to the external parts. When checking the interior you should check the seatbelts, oil level and see if it is dirty, check for the doors and locks.

Buying a used car is not a small thing and so you need to be sure that you are getting what you are spending. Checking out these tips and tricks will help you make the right deal.

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