Top Five Advantages of Buying a Used car for Racing

Racing can be an extremely expensive sport especially if you’re in it professionally. You need the best of the best to participate in this illustrious sport. However, the best doesn’t necessarily mean brand new. Some used cars for sale such as Mustangs, BMW 3-Series, Porsche 944, Camaros, and Porsche Boasters are very popular as racing cars. If you’ve been a fan of racing and you’ve watched Formula One events with a ferocity that can only be matched by the cars on that race track, you probably want to try your hand at racing. You want to be the next Lewis Hamilton, racing down the track at insane speeds.

Now that you have decided to make your dreams a reality by joining the race, the next question would be how? Usually, when a brand new racer wants to start racing they don’t start at the Grand Prix. There are amateur road course races organized by the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). These races are for people just starting out. One such category is Improved Touring, where cars within the same classification will race together. In this category, you are able to refurbish almost everything concerning the interior of your car.

Although you are not allowed to change or tamper with your internal engine unit that will go against the factory’s blueprint, you are allowed to brush it up till it reaches the specs of the factory’s blueprint. Another option would be entering Amateur Drag Racing competitions. These competitions are organized locally. If you want to participate in racing but you’re not sure you can stomach driving that fast, the 24 hours of Lemons is a great choice for you since it’s a test of endurance not necessarily speed. As long as you have a car that cost less than 500 dollars before modifications and safety gadgets, 24 hours of Lemons is open to you.

It is possible for you to participate in these competitions with your normal day-to-day car. However, due to the fact that racing is rough, it is preferable to buy a used car. Why a used car? Here are five reasons to convince you:

  1. Affordability – Used cars are a popular first choice because they’re affordable both on and off the track. Getting a used race car is the best choice for first-timers as well as old-timers because it doesn’t cost as much as a brand-new race car. It will still be a bit expensive if you’re going for an actual race car. However, in terms of racing, used cars are a great bargain. Junior Johnson said “How do you make a small fortune in racing? By starting with a large one.” Due to its affordability, it won’t be hard dealing with a scratch and a dent or two as opposed to how you’d react if your brand-new race car got a scratch. Racing is a very dangerous sport, and this is well known, so when branching into racing you don’t want to start with something particularly expensive. You want to start with something that can stomach some banging around. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your race car will look shabby and ancient. You can always spruce it up with personalized designs. Your very own trademark. With a new paint job, your race car will look shiny and new. Before you know it you’re ready to hit the tracks.
  2. Freedom of Choice – Buying a used car in San Diego gives you the option of sifting through a wide array of cars. You could see old cars that were driven a while ago. Perhaps the same sort of car your dad’s favorite racer drove. Used car shops often have a lot of different brands. This gives you a chance to thoroughly and freely make your choice without being influenced by price. The bigger the dealer the more brands to choose from. You could get a classic race car or a relatively modern one. This is one of the advantages of purchasing a used car.
  3. Remodeling – When using a car for racing you will have to tinker about with the specs of the car. You will have to buy mufflers, increase the speed and the likes. You do not want to make these huge modifications on your usual car. These mods might not sit well on the city streets. A used car would give you leave to spruce up the engine and tear apart the interiors to your hearts’ content.
  4. Annual Registration Fees – At the end of the year you have to register your car and this can be rather expensive. The rate at which you’ll pay will be derived from the cost of your car as well as its year of manufacture. In a sport like racing, you’d be better off spending your extra cash improving and tweaking the modifications of your car. A used car will attract a lower rate. This will save you quite some money.
  5. Thorough Inspections – When purchasing a used car from a shop there is a high possibility that this car has been inspected and certified as fit for the road. Due to the misconceptions about used cars, the dealers take extra care to make sure that the car is of optimum quality. These cars have been certified by professionals so you have no doubt that they’re good to go. This is done in order to preserve the credibility of the dealer.

Racing needs a car that can stand some rough handling and a few hits. A car that you can tweak and modify. Using new cars for racing is a risk that is both unnecessary and expensive. With used cars, you are free to take liberties, unlike new cars that will lose their warranty once tampered with. Races that involve extreme situations like Rolly racing and the very popular Derby Demolition. If you’re looking for a great place to buy a used car, check out With a stunning track record that earned them the 2017 and 2018 dealer of the year award, you’re assured of credibility and great cars.

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