Why Regular Volkswagen Service Syracuse NY Is A Good Idea

Nowadays, it seems that car ownership is as easy as it can be. Car reliability is at an all-time high, and most drivers tend to take this for granted. Whatever the weather, cars are always expected to start easily and perform properly any day of the year. This may be true especially for brand-new cars, but like any machine, cars can run into problems due to wear and tear. Even modern cars require regular maintenance, and expert mechanics can help you keep your car in tip-top shape. Many new car owners only consider regular maintenance to keep their warranty, but here are a few more valuable reasons why regular maintenance service for your Volkswagen is a good idea.

  1. Better performance

Daily use of any passenger vehicle in any condition induces a lot of abuse and stress on the car, and any continuous use without maintenance can test the limits of even the toughest vehicles. Rough terrain, hot tropical climates, as well as ice and snow, are just some examples of things that can abuse and damage the car. Expert mechanics from this site or any other location can check each critical part, and the condition of those areas, to ensure your car is in perfect running condition.

Having knowledgeable mechanics take care of your car guarantees good running condition is maintained for much longer. It can also bring back the performance for older cars that are starting to show signs of age. Performance factors like engine power, smooth shifting, and good handling can all be maintained with the proper care at regular periods.

  • More efficient gas consumption

Perhaps a more tangible trait of good performing cars is gas consumption. Efficient gas consumption is something most drivers are continually aware of due to its immediate effect on operating costs. When trips to the gas station become more and more frequent, it’s wise to consider having your engine checked for possible issues. Most new cars today are designed with efficiency in mind, and any decline in fuel efficiency should be a cause for concern.

Having your vehicle regularly checked and maintained should keep all the parts and lubricant in good condition, ensuring gas consumption stays within acceptable levels. Having old lubricant in the engine means there’s a bigger amount of dirt and sludge in the engine, which increases the friction between sliding and rotating parts. This puts a lot of unnecessary strain on the engine, making it work harder. This, in turn, makes the engine consume more fuel for the same amount of power required.

  • Longer service life for the vehicle

Services done on the car shouldn’t be requested only when there’s issues. Another major benefit of keeping regular maintenance is to ensure the service life of your car is prolonged for as long as possible. Periodically checking the engine and other critical parts means that problems are found much earlier, preventing further damage. The costs for regular maintenance should be minimal compared to the financial burden of having heavier repair jobs in the future, or worse when your car needs to be replaced earlier than expected. Having regular periodic maintenance done by a professional mechanic means your car is always in good running condition, which guarantees a longer usable life for your vehicle.

  • Increase in your car’s resale value

In the event that you want to sell or trade-in your vehicle, part of what the buyers looks at is the car’s maintenance history, and its current running condition. Buyers who see complete maintenance records that were done on schedule may be more willing to pay a premium price for your car. The results of regular maintenance should also be evident during the test drive, and any experienced car mechanic can quickly tell a well-maintained vehicle from one which hasn’t had regular maintenance, just by driving it. The cost you spend for maintaining the vehicle will likely be paid back by the higher selling price or trading price of your car in the future.

  • Assurance of driver and passenger safety

The most important benefit of regular car maintenance is driver and passenger safety. Poor maintenance means that critical parts such as brakes, fluid, suspension, and steering parts can be worn out faster. Failure to replace these important components can lead to huge accidents, which may result in injury and loss of life.


Your payments for your Volkswagen are only your first investment in a worthy vehicle. To ensure your investment lasts, set aside some funds for regular maintenance. In this way, you’ll be assured you’re taking good care of your car and in turn be confident that you and your loved ones will be safe when you use your car.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com


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