Does Walmart have a tire center?


Walmart does have a tire center that serves thousands of individuals every day. At these centers, some of the services you can get include flat repairs, tire installation, oil changes as well as a tire rotation. Moreover, they also do offer lug nut replacement, TPMS service pack installation, lifetime balance, and rotation plus value tire installation package. Therefore, at Walmart, you will, without a doubt, get adorable services, and these include tire services as well as oil changes. Additionally, to get services at the tire center is free, and no membership is necessary. 

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In-depth details of services offered at Walmart Tire Centers  

Basic tire installation 

The tire installation services provided within the Walmart Tire Center hours include lifetime balance and rotation, lifetime balance, TPMS service pack, or valve stems after every 50-mile lug re-torque and 7,500 miles. Typically, it will cost you $15 per tire, but this rises to an additional cost of $10 if you have not bought the tires from Walmart. 

The same applies to valve tire installation, albeit this costing you $25 per tire as well as life balance and rotation, which costs $12 per tire. 

Tire rotation 

This usually entails only mounting a tire rim, but it does not provide you with the benefits of the other installation benefits, including rotation and balancing, TPMS reset, and valve stems. To get this service, you only need to pay $2.5 per tire. 

FAQs at Walmart Tire Centers 

How often should you change your tires? 

The standard lifespan of tires is approximately six years, but some tire manufacturers claim their tires can surpass this by lasting for ten years. However, irrespective of the age of the tires, you should make it a priority to always replace the tires whenever the tread depth is 2/32 inches. This is usually the legal limit in most states to ensure your safety and that of other individuals while on the road. 

How long does tire installation take? 

According to most professionals, changing your vehicle’s four wheels should ideally take approximately an hour. Nevertheless, this duration may vary when you go to another company as all specialists have different ways of carrying out things, but this is generally the standard time the installation process should take. 

Can you replace two tires at a time? 

This is usually dependent on your vehicle, that is, is it a front-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, an AWD or a rear-wheel drive. If you have either a 4-wheel drive or AWD, it is advisable to always replace all the four tires at once. This is because tires that have different degree wear and tear usually cause issues, especially with the AWD system, and this can lead to the destruction of the drivetrain. Furthermore, most specialists recommend that both rear or front-wheel-drive vehicles should have all four tires replaced at the same time. However, if this is not possible, you can always start by replacing no less than two tires simultaneously, and you should always have the new set positioned on the rear axle where braking and steady traction is essential.

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