The Future of Seat Covers According to Top Car Concepts

Every year, the style of vehicles go through a subtle evolution. You see design trends echo through the marketplace. Some are big changes that make a bold statement, and others are subtle upgrades that contribute to a different overall aesthetic.

With these design changes, the options for vehicle accessories also change somewhat. The functionality or the style of the accessories may change, depending on what the new design element is. Based on what we’re seeing from some of the top car concepts being presented at auto shows right now, we expect to see some big changes in the future of car seat covers. Here are a few of the trends we expect to see emerge in the car seat cover market:

Timeless Designs

There’s a saying that if you like a certain style enough, you should just be patient and wait because it will become popular again. The same is true for automobiles. Many retro design elements are making their way back into automotive design. Car seat covers will be following the same trend.

You can expect to see seat covers in retro designs, prints and fabrics. Think neon colors, shaggy faux fur, animal prints, two-tone designs, and more.

Versatile Fabrics

Technology is making some amazing things possible in our vehicles. For example, now you can slide into a warm, cozy seat even in the dead of winter, thanks to a heated seat. Or in the summer, you can expect those leather seats to feel cool and refreshing thanks to seat ventilation. No need to worry about scorching the backs of your legs.

More and more vehicles are going to start coming equipped with heated and ventilated seats – not just the luxury models. Seat covers are going to have to keep up by using more breathable fabrics that will let the heating or ventilation work instead of being blunted by the thick insulation of the seat cover. Seat cover designs will also evolve to accommodate these features, including the use of mesh, panels, or slits to allow the free flow of air.

Adaptable Styles

Car interiors are becoming more unique to each model. Though vehicles might have the same basic seat, the details are going to vary widely. There may be more of a flare on one side, or there may be a different shape to the seat back to provide more comfort. Each of these variations will have an impact on the way a seat cover will fit a particular model.

Expect seat covers to evolve to have a custom fit. You should be able to buy seat covers based on the particular make and model of your vehicle, ensuring that you get a proper fit for both the front and rear seats.

Relaxation on the Road

Vehicles are being designed more and more with comfort in mind. Massage is becoming a more common feature in automobile seating. Typically, you’ll find it in the driver’s seat, but it will likely become more common in other seats as design evolves.

Seat covers that have thick or inflexible fabrics are likely to blunt the effects of in-seat massage. Therefore, designs predict that the future of seat covers involves more flexible fabrics or designs that will allow for the breakthrough of massage rollers or other features.

Big changes will continue to be seen throughout the automotive industry, both in terms of the integral design features of the vehicles themselves and in the features of the accessories that go with them. You can expect to see more luxury features in vehicles across the board, but also a focus on how to make things more functional and manageable. You’ll see those same trends reflected in car seat covers, which will give you options to elevate the style of your vehicle while also keeping it protected.

Seat Covers Unlimited sells a wide variety of seat covers to fit every make and model. Our custom fit covers come in many different fabrics, colors, patterns, and textures, so you can find the right covers to reflect your style, enhance your comfort, and protect the investment you have made in your vehicle. You’ll keep your car looking great for much longer, and you’ll reduce the maintenance you have to do.

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