What you need to know about Honda Shuttle 1.5G

For years, the automotive industry has been focusing on improving the quality of vehicles. Unfortunately, buying a new or used car remains an intimidating experience. 

You see, there are many car salespeople out there who may pressure you to buy a specific car, so it’s important to have a lot of information about a car you’re interested in. With such information, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the right tools to negotiate for the right car. This article will explain what you need to know about Honda Shuttle 1.5G. 

What is a Honda Shuttle 1.5G?

Honda Shuttle 1.5G can provide you with lots of fun while also offering practicality and space. The Honda Shuttle was launched after seeing the success of Honda Fit. If you desire to have a stylish and modern appearance, perhaps the Honda Shuttle is your best option. It has sharp lines that are carefully weighted without going beyond your good taste. 

This car features a 1.5L I-VTEC and has 97 kW (130bhp) as well as 155 Nm of torque. The truth is that this is a well-tested engine that can push its body to 100 in just 8.5 seconds and can go up to 185km/h. 

Even better, it has an efficient CVT gearbox and engine that allows it to consume fuel of about 21.8 km/l. With the CVT, it provides smooth acceleration and contributes to fuel efficiency. Therefore, you can change from low speed to high speed with experiencing a shift shock.

Besides this, the Honda Shuttle’s floor is flat and it doesn’t have a transmission funnel, enabling it to have plenty of room for the passengers sitting in the rear. With the boot capacity of about 470L, you can rest assured that its space is enough to store most of your precious belongings. 

That said, it’s rear seat can split 60/40 and you can also fold them to provide the car with extra space. Think about this, the Honda Shuttle also has a low load lip, meaning this is one of the most practical cars you can ever buy. Now you may be wondering exactly what the price of Honda Shuttle is. Well, the price of the Honda Shuttle 1.5G is listed at Vin’s Automotive.

Honda Shuttle’s key features

The outside features of the Honda Shuttle are awe-inspiring. It shares few features with the Honda Fit, such as front wings, front doors, and the wing mirrors. The rest of the features are unique as it has front fascia which includes LED headlights, daytime running lights, and Honda’s winged grille that runs into the headlights. 

Also, it’s exterior has a smooth roofline as well as a lower body that emphasizes its solid structure. No wonder, with the Shuttle, Honda has manufactured a stylish car that combines stylish and dynamics. 

When it comes to interior features, everything is top quality. The places that you can often see or touch are made up of high-quality materials. The materials used include chrome plating done on the air conditioner outlet and wood-grained garnish that is on the instrument panel. 

Along the sides of the Honda Shuttle, you will see strong creases placed on the doors designed to express its side profile. The chrome roof rails are not only classy but also practical to touch. 

This car has a ground-up design that is known for being less fussy than the Honda Fit. It has also a chunky rear end and a chrome strip that goes from the boot to join the rear lights. These rear lights are modern LED lights that look appealing in the dark. 

The Shuttle’s cabin

The inside of the Honda Shuttle is also quite similar to that of the Honda Fit. After all, most of the interior panels of the Shuttle are derived from the Fit’s parts bin. Therefore, the door cards, seats, steering wheel, and many other cabin parts like air conditioning vents are the same as those you can find in the Fit. 

However, the major difference is in a few nice components. For example, a Shuttle has touch-sensitive automatic climate control and the center console located between the front passenger and driver. This console is designed to offer an armrest, a raised gear lever position, a deep cubbyhole, and even another cubbyhole under the gear lever. 

As you can see, the cabin has plenty to offer in terms of niceties. Best of all, these features are tough and durable, and it has brushed metallic-effect trim pieces placed on the dash and doors, which can be pretty nice in lifting the cabin’s atmosphere. This is the reason why many owners of Honda Shuttle think that the cabin feels more expensive than the car’s buying price.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the cabin is its practicality. Now, you will find out that the Shuttle has versatile Ultra seats, so you can fold flat the rear seats to create more loading space from the boot. By folding the front passenger seats backward, you can also increase the loading space further. 

Aside from this, it has a seat base that you can fold up to make a bigger loading room suitable for upright things, such as plants. The cargo space for the shuttle is also large because, under the boot, you can find a reasonable space for extra storage. Here, you can store items like car care products and your shoes. 

Performance on the road

You can experience the Shuttle’s handling finesse and its overall performance when driving it. You wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that the Shuttle can be one of the best hatchbacks to drive. This car is light, it has responsive controls, and excellent all-round visibility. 

Its 1.5-liter engine gives a great performance of 130bhp and 155Nm torque. Many people feel that most CVT gearboxes can affect your driving experience, but the Shuttle can give perfect engine performance and drives effectively on the road. 

All these features give you the reliability and performance that you need while driving. As a result, it’s easy for you to feel attached to this car once you buy it. Above all, it’s also suitable for novices and it’s a great and affordable family car. So if you want to have a practical family car or just a station wagon, it should be on your shopping list.

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