Quick Guide To Choosing The Perfect ATV

The thrill of driving an ATV is unsurpassable. When the brawny ATVs hit the trail, all the heads turn and gazes shift. Owning a vehicle like this is a dream of every automobile enthusiast. If you are planning to buy this herculean vehicle, you must first gather all the information you would need to make an informed decision. 

As buying an ATV is a big investment, you need to carry out in-depth research and evaluate all your options. But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Here is your quick guide to choosing the perfect ATV:

Types of ATVs

The ATV market is brimming with options. Dealers like Greenville Motor Sports stock a wide range of ATV models that are versatile and super cool. The first step to decide your perfect ATV is to choose the right option.

1) Sport ATVs

Sport ATVs are beasts that promise a robust performance on even the most rugged tracks. There are four-wheel-drive models that are designed to obtain optimum trail performance.

Their prime features include premium suspension performance, automatic transmission, high speed, and acceleration. 

2) Rec/Utility ATVs

These ATVs combine utility with fun. They are primarily used for heavy-duty tasks like pulling a trailer, hauling cargo, farm execution, etc. But, their utility doesn’t outshine their recreational purpose. These versatile ATVs, due to their excellent traction and high ground clearance, can be used for adventurous activities ranging from mudding, trail riding to hunting.  

3) Youth ATVs

Youth ATVs are the smaller and lighter cousin of adult ATVs. They are mainly used for recreational trail riding, but some models have proved their prowess on racing tracks and made them a great choice for youth division racing competitions. 

They come in various sizes and engine options suiting different age groups. They are not as expensive as other versions of ATVs. 

4) Hunting ATVs

Hunting ATVs belong to the utility category, but they have a separate fan base. Equipped with unique features and accessories, these ATVs literally roar when they are out on the track making their way through dense forests.  

Their camo paint and gun scabbard make them the perfect wheel for hunting sprees. They come with rack extenders and bumpers, hand and thumb warmers, and a robust winch. 

5) Two-Up ATV

They are a relatively newer entry in the ATV family. They come with a raised seat and longer wheelbase to ensure greater stability. Grab bars attached to the seat and an additional set of foot pegs or floorboards make these quads comfortable for the pillion rider. 

Once you decide the type of ATV you want, look into these features and specifications:

1) Liquid- Cooled and Air-Cooled Engines 

While looking for an ATV, you will come across two types of engines: liquid-cooled and air-cooled. Water-cooled or liquid-cooled systems maintain the temperature of the engine effectively. The coolant (which is a mix of water and antifreeze) flows from the radiator to the channels surrounding the cylinder and cools it down in no time. Some models also feature an additional fan to further expedite cooling. 

On the other hand, ATVs air-cooled engines have cylinders with cooling fins. 

2) Single Cylinder and Two Cylinders

A little while ago, ATVs would come equipped with single cylinders, but now, two-cylinder ATVs dominate the tracks. 

Twin-cylinder ATVs are more powerful and rev rapidly. But, they are heavier and bulkier. 

3) Manual And Automatic Transmissions 

The modern ATVs feature automatic transmission. They come with clutch, belt-driven set-up and offer an easy drive. However, sundry quads come with a complicated, internal gear-driven system that gives them an edge over the regular ATVs in certain driving conditions.

Talking about the ATVs with a manual transmission, they come in five or six-speed with a manual clutch or an apparatus with an automatic clutch. 

Many racers and trail riders prefer a manual set-up as it provides better traction and engine rpm. 

4) Tires

Before choosing an ATV, you must make it a point to check its tires. Check the type of tread and the number of piles, and select the tread according to the terrain you will drive through. 

If you are going to drive on muddy terrain, it is better to go with angled tread, while scoop or paddle tread works best for sandy terrains. However, several modern ATV models come with all-terrain tires. 


Selecting an ATV can become an overwhelming process if you aren’t well-acquainted with your options. With the above information, you will be equipped to make an informed choice.

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