7 Greatest NASCAR Drivers in History

NASCAR has a long and great history that is worth knowing. Even those who are not fans of car racing still have heard a lot about NASCAR and its most iconic events. Well, all those iconic events have been done by people who have dedicated all their lives, time, and energy to the success of the races. With this article, we want to acknowledge those legendary drivers who have made NASCAR so exciting. This is a guide on the 7 greatest NASCAR drivers in history. See how many of them you know. 

Harry Gant

Every NASCAR fan will know about Harry Grant. His name in the world of NASCAR reached the peak of popularity around the 80s and early 90s. Although Gant was already in his 40s at that time. Despite his age, or maybe because of it, the majority of his victories happened in 1991. Though, even before his stellar year, he has been showing strong results ever since he had started. He used to finish in the top ten almost every time. Overall, he has arrived in the top-ten 208 times! A remarkable result achieved by a remarkable man.

American Muscle

Rusty Wallace

Rusty Wallace is among the top ten most frequent NASCAR winners. In total, he has won 55 races, which already makes him quite a racing legend. He had only won a series of victories at once, never wanting to break the victory path. Wallace has been known for its great performance on road courses, where he set many of his records, many of which have been broken only recently. You can just do my homework partly, and see some of his races for yourself. Trust me, it is worth your time. 

Bill Elliott

Bill Elliott’s name, also known as Million Dollar Bill, has been famous even among those who have never watched NASCAR. There is a good reason why it is so. He was Mr. Popular, a person who has become a living legend. He earned 44 wins in his career, setting records along the way. It seemed that nothing could stop him, not with such popularity, for sure. Honestly, if you decide to start watching one of his races, you’ll end up constantly searching for more. In such a case, you better pay for college essays ahead of time and watch the races with no homework stress. 

Mark Martin

A true champion of his time, Mark Martin, has won a Sprint Cup to show the level of his excellence. His total stake of victories is 40, with 51 pole positions. He was also one of the highest-paid drivers of his time. During his racing in NASCAR, he had come first 49 times during the Nationwide Series, which made him the second on the list of most winning races of all time. 

Fireball Roberts

Fireball Roberts had only 15 years run in NASCAR, but those years had made a huge difference for the race. He earned 33 wins and had 32 pole positions during his career. He has arrived in the top five 93 times. Back in the 1950s he truly became a legend in the world of racing. He has also gained great popularity among the fans and helped popularize the races across the nation. We urge you to order a paper at papercoach to learn more about his life if you wish. 

Terry Labonte

Terry Labonte has had a long career at NASCAR that resulted in 27 seasons. During this time, he has won 22 races. Interestingly enough, he had a long break in between his victories, 12 years, before he returned to his winning position again. Despite the dry season, his fan base remained very loyal to him throughout his career.

Kyle Busch

In recent history, no one has made such an appearance at NASCAR as Kyle Busch. During the top three NASCAR tours, Busch has earned 104 wins, a remarkable achievement for any racer, especially at his age of 26. Those tours had clearly shown that the best is yet to come. However, even now, he has already deserved to have his name mentioned in the top 7 greatest NASCAR drivers of all time. 

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