3 Ways to Restore Your Car and Have it Looking as Good as You First Bought It

Every car owner wants their car to look as shiny as it did when they first bought it. But despite carefully washing it regularly and applying a new coat of wax every few months, swirl marks, stains, and chips start to populate the vehicle’s exterior. Besides, water spots, grime, and dirt start sticking on the car even after a thorough wash. Well, if you have this problem, here are a few solutions you should consider.

Hiring the Right Professional

 The first step is to hire the right professional to do your exterior car detailing or to perform a full car restoration on your vehicle. Make sure you get an expert that can restore the condition of your vehicle and that is knowledgeable about the work needed to perform a full car restoration. While most car owners wash their car regularly, only an expert detailing will restore a car’s exterior looking like new. But if you want to save some money and do it at home, you can opt for a second option – a wash kit. We know what you are thinking – “Another one? But I already have how many?” We know how you feel – we have tried all those things too. And now, we are going to tell you what worked for us. If you are okay with applying the solution yourself, make sure to opt for a sealant or coating product. While it does not provide the same level of shine as professional detailing, it still does an excellent job of protecting your car’s surface from stains and swirl marks.

American Muscle

Full Exterior Vehicle Detailing

This process entails cleaning, vacuuming, and restoring the earlier condition of the car’s exterior. These include wheels, tires, and windows. This service is great if you want to restore the original shine of your car. The procedure can be done in two ways: the first procedure uses a pressure washer and cleansing agents, which is practically ideal for dark-colored vehicles. You can also opt for a waterless, comprehensive car detailing Killeen. The process uses products like degreasers and polishes and it’s quite efficient because you don’t need to dry the bodywork to complete the process. The next phase is polishing to reinstate the car’s shine and this is followed by waxing. The wax protects and seals the polish while adding a glossy shine to the car.

Full Vehicle Restoration

This process is usually done after full vehicle detailing, followed by paint correction before applying a paint sealant to protect the car for years. The best paint sealant for long-term protection is ceramic coating. The leading car dealers specialize in high-end ceramic coating Killeen and once the process is over, the vehicle looks even better than it did when you first drove it out of the showroom. The process can take up to 5 days depending on the condition of your car. The service can turn out to be significantly costly compared to other less-involving procedures, especially for high-end vehicles.

If you truly care about preserving or restoring the quality of your car, you should probably consider getting a full exterior car detailing or a full car restoration. Make sure you get an expert to do the job!

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