Gorilla Gasket’s Insights into the Role of High-end Gaskets

No engine manufacturer would like to bother about a gasket’s failures: a pro stock drag sporting engine, a hot street motor, a stock turbine, a dirt track powerhouse, or a hot road engine. Engines perform well in average loads. However, as combustion pressures or compression ratios rise, a stock head gasket might not be capable of sustaining a leak-free tape. Worse things begin to happen once ignited flaming air starts blowing past the gasket’s burning tanks. 

For many years most gasket manufacturers have tried to leak-free gaskets but have not managed to. The high-performing products have emerged recently that meet the motorsports rules, and these gaskets are Gorilla gaskets. All engine gaskets are now available, including large block Chevys. Gorilla gaskets have grown to be a large player in all racing forms because they can handle excessive pressure without blowing out, burning, or leaking. 

Evolving Gorilla gasket designs 

If you have ever shopped high-end gaskets from Gorilla manufactures, you can bear witness that various gasket styles are available for you to choose from. Some use the traditional construction style, which features non-asbestos or no graphite body on both gasket sides. The outer layer is softer to provide a comfortable cold tape, while the metal core offers strength and rigidity. Some of these gaskets are made of a silicone coating that enhances cold sealing. Others have anti-stick agents that ease the removal process besides improving lubricity. 

One of the most important distinguishing features that distinguish Gorilla gaskets from the rest is the sturdy combustion container armor. These gaskets use high-end stainless steel armors thicker and more robust than those from other manufacturers. 

Copper Gorilla gaskets 

Copper gaskets have great adaptability to tremendous compression proportions. Copper is a good conductor of both heat and electricity; this helps stabilize and disperse the block and head gasket. The latter prevents points that may lead to pre-ignition, head warpage, or denotation. Thereby minimizing the risks of gasket burning or blowing out. However, copper has its drawbacks, including that they are not suitable engine sealers. 


Copper head gaskets are used with annealed steel on most horsepower engines. Wire rings help aid concentration around the cylinder to prevent the combustion pressure from blowing beyond the gasket. 

Why choose Gorilla gaskets 

The latest head gaskets for high performing engines are Gorilla gaskets. Unlike other gasket types, Gorilla gaskets employ a different and unique strategy in sealing the combustion chamber. These gaskets use around three to five layers of stainless metal to form a spring-like force that can seal the recess between the block and the head. As engine compression combustion and rpm pressure rise, the piston chamber head is pushed away from the block each period the cylinders heat up. 

However, you cannot see the process with your naked eyes, but you can measure it and break the seal between the head and block with standard gasket configurations. The quantity of lift required on the cylinder’s pressure and the extent to which the head nuts can extend.

The entire steel construction of Gorilla gaskets makes them bulletproof under even extreme operating conditions. These gaskets feature an exterior polymer coating that aids the gaskets to cold seal on less perfect surfaces. The original gorilla gaskets require smooth finishes for excellent sealing. Performance Gorilla gaskets need a 50 Ra surface with thicker coatings that accommodate surface finishes as rough as 60 Ra. Gorilla gaskets do not have installation or sealing issues that most copper gaskets have. On considering their durability, these gaskets are durable and won’t burn out or blow out in the course of use. So you won’t have to replace it frequently, hence saving your pocket.

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