How To Engage Your Kids During Lockdown

It‘s lockdown everywhere and things can get harder as there can’t be any outdoor activities that used to be before. Nobody can predict when life will come back to its normal routine. Kids can get frustrated during this situation as they have nothing special to do. Their playing options are limited and they have to play only indoor games. They can’t go to parks, playlands, gaming zones, and other recreational places.  

To make kids enjoy themselves at home, there are many activities. The one and the most favorite of them is any form of art. Kids love art and it’s the best way to express their feelings. They can create anything they like. If you let them do paint by numbers, it can be real fun for them. You can give them a canvas and some paints to make anything beautiful.

A healthy activity

Paint by numbers is the best activity for kids in lockdown. It is a superb option to spend time and enjoy it as well. If your kids are annoying and they don’t know what to do on vacations, you should get them occupied with some paint by numbers. 

It is time to say goodbye to gadgets and stay away from noisy tabs and mobile phones. 


Art is the best way to express the creativity of kids. They should be free to make any design that can easily paint. It can be a natural view, a pet image, a custom photo, a historical place, a name initials, simple calligraphy, or a bunch of flowers. Make sure they are not limited to making only particular designs. They should be allowed to explore and create unique pieces. 

Kids are creative and they need a platform to express their skills. Nothing can be better than artwork to show what they can do. 

Self-care hobby

You can ask your kids to adopt paint by numbers as their next self-care hobby. They will not only enjoy it but also spend the entire day doing it. This will let them invest time in an enjoyable pastime. There is plenty of time as no school, no tutor, no homework, or any academic activity. So, painting by numbers can be a rewarding hobby for your kids. 

Self-learning with Kids Academy

However, it’s worth mentioning that if you observe your child to be rather inclined to rational activities and processing information, try engaging them with some of the educational tools available online — one example is the Talented & Gifted app the children’s learning app by Kids Academy. The app contains learning courses on all the core subjects for preschool and elementary school students. Young users will find both entertaining and educational activities on the app. It provides an opportunity for kids to get creative with the coloring pages or the drawing games found in the lessons, as well as to learn new things and refresh what they already know about math, ELA, science, etc. Those who like a challenge are welcome to complete the Chess Basics course found on the T&G app.

Art versus digital world

When you compare artistic activities with using gadgets, you will come to know that art is surely the better option. When your kids indulge in mobile phones and other devices, it affects their mental health as well as their eyesight. Their thinking abilities also suffer. When they play games or surf the web for hours, it can have an adverse effect on them. So, you should avoid such things and try to sort some healthy form of art for kids. It will not cause any side effects and also let them explore their hidden talent. When they do art on a regular basis, they will become used to it. With time, they will forget about gadgets and begin enjoying art. 

Peace of mind

When you see your kids are indulged in healthy art activities, you will also be at peace. You will feel good. There will be no distractions from digital games and so on. Let them enjoy this artwork quietly. 

As you know, the majority of kids have become addicted to gadgets and games. It’s hard to make them forget about these things as they spend all day with them. Art can act as a trick to keep kids away from mobile devices. It readily attracts kids and makes them feel good when they paint.

Mental capability

When kids paint, they are given an opportunity to express their talent. It also boosts their mental capacity as they think and use their brain to create something. It’s good to make dull kids active and creative. They get a chance to explore things. When kids make any artwork, they have to think and create shapes. It gives a kick to their mind and lets them use their talent. 

Group work

When kids make groups and do painting, it gives them a platform to interact with one another. They also compare the work of every kid and then learn from them. So, it’s a fun way to learn things from artists of their age. It is good to gather some like-minded kids and organize an art activity. Ask all of them to bring their best painting kits and get started with something they want to paint. You can also organize an art competition to boost their confidence and polish their art skills. 

When kids paint in groups, they socialize and it also helps them learn social manners. They enjoy it when they are introduced to other group members. It will also improve their communication when they will talk to competitors.


The kids who are good at art and create beautiful paintings are more confident than others. When they look at their achievements it makes them feel good. They have high self-esteem. They know they are capable of creating something nice. Their self-image becomes better. When they get compliments from elders and friends, it also makes them feel great. So, you can say that art contributes to the overall happiness and mental well-being of kids. It makes them happy and satisfied. 


Kids love art and they want something to express their hidden emotions. They also want to polish their skills and interact with others. Lockdown can make them frustrated and excessive use of digital devices can have a bad impact on their health. In this dire situation, think of art as a solution. Paint by numbers can let them enjoy all day and also explore their talent. Why not get them engaged in creating paintings and let them forget about those noisy gadgets that they are addicted to. It’s the best way to take them out of their digital addictions. Art is fun and also the right way to learn. Buy your kids an art kit today and let’s get started.

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