A Guide to Different Kinds of Truck

A truck, or lorry, is the general term used to describe any vehicle that is used to move heavy objects, transport all types of cargo, or perform any type of heavy-duty services such as lifting rubble or construction components. Trucks come in all different shapes and sizes, with a range of different wheelbases and configurations, and vary greatly in the type of power that they can offer to the range of different jobs that they can tackle. 

Whilst some smaller truck may be similar to some domestic vehicles on the road; the remainder will be very different. 

In general, larger trucks fall into two very separate categories. Those that are designed to move goods around and those that are used to perform jobs on construction sites or in heavy industry. The former usually consist of a cab with a trailer on the back, either with panel side or curtains, whilst the latter encompasses a much larger variety of truck, and it is those that we will be taking a look at in this article. 

Hook loaders

Hook loaders are a rather specialized type of truck often used to load waste containers. This type of truck is usually found on construction sites and is used frequently for recycling and demolition industries as well as in the scrap and waste business. There is a wide range of manufacturers offering hook loaders, but it is also possible to have a hook loader system added to your rig that fits your exact needs. The hook loader works by using several hydraulic rams to attach to the container it is using. It then hoists the container onto its chassis where it is secured before being driven away to another location. 

Tipper trucks

Sometimes referred to as a dump truck, a tipper is mainly used for the transportation of aggregate to construction sites or rubble and soil away from sites. They are predominately used during larger building projects where there will be a considerable amount of waste to remove from the site quickly and efficiently and an equally large quantity of loose building materials to be delivered to the site. They are incredibly robust vehicles and ideally suited for the uneven ground conditions that are encountered on most building sites. They are built with an open box design and feature a hinged rear tailgate that opens when they are tipped, allowing for easy dispersal of their load. They are relatively low, making it easy for other construction vehicles to deposit waste into them. Just like all other heavy vehicles of this nature, they are subject to several health and safety protocols, and driving them safely is vital.

Skip loaders

A skip loader is a truck that is used to transport heavy skips. It also has the mechanism attached that has the capability of lifting the skips on and off the truck and carefully maneuvering them into place by swinging them into place and then lowering them gently to the ground. This type of truck is mostly used in the construction industry where they are used predominately to remove large quantities of rubble and soil, associated with site clearance in a quick and efficient manner. Due to the nature of the weight of the loads that these trucks load and offload, they are also fitted with steadies at the back corners which should be lowered in order to ensure a safer working environment. Some skip loaders have a full sheeting system that can be used to cover lighter loads and prevent them from blowing into other traffic during transportation.

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