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What are some of the most popular betting markets in NASCAR?

Since being founded in 1948 at Daytona, NASCAR has grown to be one of the most exciting sports around. It regularly draws huge crowds to tracks such as Phoenix and large TV audiences for the top races. News such as top driver Michael Annett’s 300th Xfinity start recently is also a reason why it gets so much attention. 

As a major sport with plenty of fans worldwide, NASCAR is also popular to bet on. This not only allows followers to get more involved with the sport but also means that they can potentially make some money from it. In the modern age, this usually involves fans logging onto online sportsbooks to place NASCAR bets. This is not dissimilar to casino players choosing to play games for money at the best online casino sites now. It does, however, pay to know what you are doing before gambling online. 

For online casino players, this means hunting out top bonus codes for online casinos and the safest internet operators to game at. This becomes easy when you use a comparison site for online casinos – many players will use as it is a trusted source of bonus codes and casino reviews for players. What can you do to prepare for sports betting on NASCAR races?

The best thing to begin with is working out the most popular markets to gamble on – but what does this include? 

Win market 

While all sports will have their unique betting markets, the win market is one that you find everywhere. It is also usually one of the most popular. This is because it is accessible and simple to understand, and can come with decent odds. NASCAR is no different, and the win market here is always a well-backed one at race meets. To place this bet, you just need to look at who is competing in the race and pick who you think will win. 

Matching up drivers

When you start to look into betting on NASCAR, you soon find that there are some bets that are more popular than others. Driver match-ups certainly fall into this category. How do they work? This sees bookmakers pit two opposing drivers against each other in a head-to-head for the upcoming race. You would then bet on who will finish in a better final position than the other. If you get it right, then you win! This bet can be profitable, especially if you back an underdog driver who finishes higher up than a big name. 

Proposition bets

Also known as ‘prop bets’, this is another popular betting market for NASCAR racing. As with the win market, this bet is easy to understand and simple to place. It sees you deciding that something will or won’t happen in the race. This can be split further into skilled prop bets (which require some knowledge to predict correctly) and unskilled ones (which require no prior knowledge or research). Common prop bets include betting on the number of cautions in race, who will set the fastest lap, and who will be leading after a certain number of laps. This sort of bet offers a quirky way to gamble on NASCAR and also has an interesting, entertaining variety of bets to make.

Who will make the podium? 

As we have already mentioned, picking out the winner in NASCAR is not always easy. For this reason, the podium finish market is popular. This allows you to bet that a certain driver will finish on the podium when the race ends. If the driver does, then your bet wins – even if they did not win the race. This can be a good type of insurance bet and help build up long-term profits over time. If there is a driver in the race who you feel sure will do well, backing them for a podium finish gives you that extra bit of protection should they not quite grab the win. 

NASCAR racing has lots of markets to bet on 

The continued popularity of NASCAR can be put down to certain key factors. The dramatic racing action is definitely one, as is the range of teams and personalities in the sport. The history of NASCAR also helps a lot. There is also no doubt that the variety of betting markets helps. This not only brings added interest to the sport for fans but also gives them a way to get even closer to the action. If you’ve ever wondered just which markets were the most popular in NASCAR betting, then the above should help. 

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