Tips to Maintain Your Car that You Rarely Use

People nowadays purchase a car for fun or for a season which they don’t drive more often. They drive it occasionally, like festive seasons and on weekends only. However, the way you store your car while you’re not driving plays a crucial role in how it performs when you take it out. Ensure you keep your vehicle in good shape to make it ready for use anytime. If you follow some of these tips to maintain your rarely driven vehicle, you can keep it ready for the road anytime.

Stick to the Mechanical Rule

Base your maintenance on the timing but not mileage. Check and follow the recommendation of your owner’s manual and at 110 Car Maintenance Tips to keep your car in top shape. Despite your car not accumulating the needed mileage, you still have to regularly check the oil and additives because they are still sitting and aging even when your vehicle isn’t on the road. You can also base your maintenance on the calendar and avoid the mileage.

Don’t Let Your Car Lie for too long

Ensure you turn your car every few days, even if you’re not hitting the road. This will keep everything in your engine lubricated by keeping fluids through cycling your engine. It will also ensure your battery stays fresh and prevents liquids from pulling in certain areas of your vehicle. This is the best way to keep your vehicle in good condition, especially if you normally leave your home once a week. It will enable the car to start whenever it’s needed. While you do need insurance, you can often get lower prices for cars used less than 50 miles a day.

Take Care of Your Brake Fluid

Like the engine, brakes are also an important component of your car. Brakes help you to avoid rear-end collisions which might lead to crashing. Your brakes should be among your top priority because they take care of you while driving.

You need to check your brake fluids regularly and, if need be, change the fluids. Brake fluid can attract moisture, which is not great for your car. Moisture can lead to corrosion and even rusting, which can lead to the failure of your brakes. Accidents related to brakes can be highly avoided. Ensure you visit Pedders to help you with the brake system when you notice any fault play in your brakes. Ensure you annually replace your brake fluids to keep yourself safe.

Keep Your Car Clean

The last thing you would want to deal with is the falling leaves and sticks that collect your vehicle over time. Leaves and sticks can be harmful to your car if you don’t clean them immediately. When mixed with moisture, they can turn into tannic acid that can gradually eat your paint and degrade both plastic and rubber seals.

Ensure you clean your lying car once in a while. After cleaning, you can also find suitable car covers and protect your car from any external damage. Ensure you keep your vehicle off from the scorching sun and the dropping sticks or leaves.


Maintaining your less-driven car lies within your hands. You can either make it last longer by taking care of it regularly, even if you’re not using it, or wait until you’re heading outside. Simple maintenance programs such as regular cleaning, changing fluids, and waxing your car can protect it from harsh weather conditions and make it run greatly.

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