How To Choose The Right Anti-Theft Devices For Sports Cars

If you have a valuable property like a sports car, its security is one of the essential things that you need to consider. Parking it in a safe place like your garage may be one of the safety measures you do to ensure that it won’t be stolen. However, that’s not enough. After all, a sports car has a higher theft rate than a regular car, so even though you park it in a safe place, you can’t be completely at ease that it will be stolen. 

For you to have peace of mind, there are a wide variety of security options that you can use for your car. For instance, you can use anti-theft devices to guarantee that your beloved car is always protected. However, the challenge is knowing which ones are the best for your situation.

To help you out choose the right anti-theft prevention device for your sports car, here’s a guide that you can follow. 

1. Choose The Best Type Of Anti-Theft System 

There are different types of car theft prevention devices that you can use. You have the passive, active, audible, and silent types. Your choice would depend on what you think is most convenient and effective for you and what suits your car best.

To help you figure that out, below are short descriptions of those types.

  • Passive: the passive anti-theft systems automatically guard the car itself as soon as you remove your car’s ignition key or when you close your door shut. 
  • Active: unlike the passive type, you need to activate this type of anti-theft system before it does its job. This is the type of anti-theft device that you can operate through a remote or a separate accessory to function. Examples of active anti-theft systems include steering wheel locking devices, generic car alarm systems, and door locks.
  • Audible: as the name implies, this type uses audible alarms to alert the people around the car when something triggers its sensors. Aside from the noise that it will generate, it will also make the car’s lights flash. This type can effectively deter thieves, but it can be annoying to people around because of its loud noise. In some cases, it may start an alarm because of false positives (e.g., sensors getting triggered by vibrations from nearby cars).
  • Silent: the silent type doesn’t make any scene at the parking area, but when someone breaks into your car, you’ll be receiving an alert of notification. This is the perfect way to catch the thief because they won’t have an idea that the car has a security device. 

2. Know The Different Types Of Car Anti-Theft Devices 

Anti-theft devices come in different types and functionalities. Each type aims to provide the highest security feature that will keep your car on the safe side always

Steering Wheel Lock 

This is the most common type of anti-theft device that’s created to fit in most steering wheels. Using and installing it is simple. You place this lock on your steering wheel to prevent anyone from steering your car, and you can only remove it using the key that comes with it.

Of course, be careful not to lose the wheel lock’s key because there’s no other way to remove it. However, if you lost it by accident, and it so happens that you’re in Seattle, Washington, there are local locksmiths around like the Clarks Locksmith Solutions Seattle WA that can help you out.

Brake Lock 

This car theft prevention device is attached to the clutch pedal or brake. It can effectively prevent anyone to step on the pedals and it can only be removed by a key. Take note that some brake locks prevent people from pressing on the pedals while some lock the pedals depressed.

As a bonus, those locks that keep the pedal in a pressed position can also function as an excellent safety measure if the place where you’re parking is on slippery uneven ground. Since the lock itself keeps the brake pedal stepped on, your vehicle won’t skid. It’s like having a secondary hand brake in place.

When getting one, make sure that you pick the right size that will snuggly fit in your pedals. Thankfully, some models can be adjusted. Remember that if the lock you pick doesn’t fit, it’ll be useless.

Tire Lock 

These heavy-duty steel clamps onto the tires are suitable for long periods of parking if you’re in an unfamiliar place. Tire locks are a favorite accessory of law enforcement authorities when they’re doing their rounds to check illegally parked cars. To remove this kind of lock, a specialized wrench is needed. 

The only downside of this anti-theft system is its bulkiness. Carrying one requires that you need to have enough trunk space.

Fortunately, tire locks nowadays have quality designs that can add up to the aesthetic value of your wheel rims. If you bought older models of tire locks, placing them in your car will make it look as if the police got you. 

Kill Switch 

A kill switch is a simple anti-theft device wherein it can cut the flow of electricity from its battery to critical components of the car like the ignition system. When it’s off, it prevents getting the car started since basically, the engine can’t ignite and electrical components can’t run.

What’s good about this device is that it can be installed discreetly almost anywhere inside the car. It’s another layer of security, which can make it harder for car thieves to get your car unless they know the exact location of the switch.

Some modern kill switches can come without a physical switch. Instead, you can use your smart device to remotely cut your battery off from your car. Aside from security, it’s also a handy way to turn off your engine.

Electronic Tracking System 

Know that carjackers are very crafty nowadays. The experienced ones make use of flatbeds, towing, and trailers to bypass all your security devices. Instead of driving your car and running away with it, they would rather tow it and deal with its security devices in a much safer place. Some will even go as far as changing your tires just to get through tire locks. 

To have another layer of protection, you should install an electronic tracking system and other new car theft prevention tech. With one, even if a thief is successful in stealing your car, you can still be able to track where it is. No matter where the thief hides your car, you can find it.

3. Consider Your Situation

Choosing the best anti-theft device for your sports car is quite confusing because there are a lot of types and brands to choose from. Most of them may be fit for other car owners, but there are still some of them that won’t work well with you. To narrow down your choices, here are the factors to look at before purchasing: 


Not all expensive car theft prevention device that’s expensive gives maximum car protection. There are also inexpensive ones that you can trust. To ensure that what you’re getting is worth your money, find time to research so you can compare each other’s features to see if the price suits what it can offer. 


If there are a lot of cases of car theft in your area, consider installing multiple types of security devices in your car. For example, you can install a wheel lock and GPS on it, so if the thief can remove the wheel lock, you can still be able to trace where your car is.

Car Model 

Criminals are good at balancing risks and rewards. They’re likely to steal those high-value cars that they are familiar with. And it’s a guarantee that whoever will try to get your car will be very knowledgeable with its make model and the common security features installed in it.

Because of that, don’t just go with what other people use on their cars. You can opt to use one or two uncommon anti-theft devices that carjacking experts have no idea about. 

Servicing Requirements 

Choose a car security device that’s easy to maintain. If you use systems that require software support, make sure that you know how to troubleshoot them when something goes wrong. 


By determining the level of security and protection that you’ll need, you can easily filter out the brands and types of security devices that can suit your demands. The more features your car theft prevention device has, you can expect that it’ll also be more expensive. 

There are already devices that can ensure the safety of your car through the use of software and advanced sensors. However, if you’re not a techie, you may have a hard time using them. So, be sure to familiarize yourself with what you buy and call the manufacturer’s support department anytime you need help.

Final Thoughts 

Ways to secure a car have evolved over the years, but the strategies used by thieves in stealing it have also leveled up. To avoid going through the complications of retrieving a stolen car, it’s important to have safety precautionary measures to protect your property always. Auto security devices may not exactly capture carjackers, but having them in your car is enough to deter most of them.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of


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