NASCAR Top-10 Power Rankings: Roval

1. Kyle Larson: Larson experienced early electrical issues before rallying to take the win in the Bank Of America Roval 400.

“Once we got everything fixed,” Larson said, “I was actually able to make a ‘charge.'”

2. Denny Hamlin: Hamlin came home fifth at Charlotte and will start the Round Of 8 in second.

“All eight drivers left have playoff experience,” Hamlin said, “if not championship experience. That should serve each of us well. As Kevin Harvick said, ‘Real life teaches lessons.’ And I’m sure we’ll find that those are words he won’t live by.”

3. Joey Logano: Logano finished seventh at Charlotte and will start the Round Of 8 in seventh.

“I can certainly relate to the Kevin Harvick-Chase Elliott feud,” Logano said. “I know what it’s like to be wrecked, and I definitely know what it’s like to hear loud cheers when that happens.”

4. Kyle Busch: Busch led 22 laps and finished fourth at Charlotte.

“I absolutely love this drama between Kevin Harvick and Chase Elliott,” Busch said. “If there’s one thing this country needs, it’s more hatred.

“Harvick must be kicking himself after he realized he was unable to get his complete vengeance. That begs the question: Is it physically possible to kick yourself? I can’t say for sure, but if you wreck yourself, you’re off to a pretty good start.”

5. Martin Truex Jr.: Truex survived a late run-in with Joey Hand, who made contact with Truex’s No. 19 Toyota and spun him out. Truex finished 29th but still advanced to the Round Of 8.

“I’m not sure who Joey Hand is,” Truex said, “but there should be a rule in NASCAR for people like Joey Hand. It’s got nothing to do with lack of experience. In fact, the rule should simply be ‘If your name is ‘Joey Hand,’ you should not be allowed to be a NASCAR driver.”

6. Ryan Blaney: Blaney finished ninth at Charlotte and will start the Round of 8 in 4th.

“If you take into account all the electrical issues,” Blaney said, “and the Kevin Harvick-Chase Elliott saga, this race had more twists and turns than the Roval track itself.”

7. Chase Elliott: Elliott won Stage 1 and was in solid position when Kevin Harvick wrecked him, sending him into the wall and endangering his playoff position. Elliott recovered, thanks to some frenzied work by his crew, and finished 12th, good enough to advance to the Round Of 8.

“Harvick tried to drive through me,” Elliott said. “Then he tried to drive through the wall. Then he was just ‘through.'”

8. Kevin Harvick: Harvick exacted his revenge on Chase Elliott midway through the race at Charlotte, nearly ruining Elliott’s day, but later misjudged his entry into Turn 1 and slammed the wall. He finished 33rd and out of the playoffs.

“You can’t fault my intensity,” Harvick said. “I was so intent on revenge, I avenged myself for Elliott. Trust me, I’m gonna have an off-season of self-reflection, in which I contemplate self-infliction.”

9. William Byron: Byron finished 11th and failed to advance to the Round Of 8.

“We were in position to win,” Byron said, “but Tyler Reddick got into the back of me and sent me off the track. The rest is history. At some point, I’ll have to give Reddick a ‘history lesson.'”

10. Brad Keselowski: Keselowski survived two spins to finish 20th, nabbing the final transfer spot to the Round Of 8.

“For action and intrigue,” Keselowski said, “the Roval never disappoints. So it deserves a ‘r-ovation.’

“I would be a fool not to comment on the Kevin Harvick-Chase Elliott situation. If this were football, Harvick got a ‘bye’ into the next round. Baseball? ‘You’re out!’ Golf? ‘Four!’ Tennis? ‘Double fault.’ Boxing? ‘Technical knockout.’ Karma? ‘A bitch.'”

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