6 Great Features that will make you want to buy a Dash Cam

As if the tiny little cameras on our dashboards weren’t already a crucial part of our car and safety, thanks to the new, technologically advanced features, Dash Cams now provide a whole new level of security and driving assistance that make them a necessity to have installed in your vehicles. But before you buy, you should be well-informed of the latest tech and features that the Dash Cams can offer and that is why we are here. Here are the 6 extraordinary features that make a Dash Camera a worthwhile purchase!

24/7 Global Surveillance 

When you are walking through an unpopulated area at night with little to no streetlights, don’t you feel insecure and vulnerable? But what happens when you spot a policeman or any other legal governing body, you feel safe right? That’s exactly how a Dash Cam makes you feel when you are out on your long road trip through the outskirts of your city. Global Positioning Systems, or GPS, no longer just help you navigate the roads to reach your destination, they actively pinpoint your precise location and the speed at which you are traveling using the many satellites in our orbit. This information when integrated with the video captured can help in simulating any event that might have occurred to the vehicle. This also means, your entire journey is supervised by a professional and competent company that is only interested in your safety. Don’t you feel safe already?!


Modern Dash Cams can easily track the movement of your vehicle using the G-sensor or G-shock sensor technology through which a detailed picture can be painted of any incident that might befall your automobile. An extra useful is added where the sensor triggers the Dash Cam to respond appropriately to the situation. For example, upon the detection of a sudden, irregular and significant movement, the Dash Cam will automatically lock that specific video file and saving any important footage captured. This helps in determining the cause of the incident and now can be avoided in the future. Most Dash Cams that feature the G-sensors have the option to set the sensitivity to avoid this function being triggered by potholes, speed bumps, and other minor incidents.  

Automated SOS to the Emergency Departments

At times you are involved in a health emergency or an accident that renders you incapable of calling for help or a close relative, which worsens the otherwise non-threatening situation. Thanks to the SOS feature integrated with the G-sensor, your Dash Cam can now alert the authorities as well as your emergency contacts when it has determined that unusual activity has taken place. The sensors send an in-car signal to the driver and if the driver is unable to respond accordingly, the appropriate directive is initiated to measure the seriousness of the scenario. If the system concludes that the situation is dire, it relays out all the relevant information to the nearby authorities and the emergency services and tries to make sure that proper help arrives on the scene immediately. 

Parking Protection 

This feature is the best example of the statement ‘Spend money, to save money’. While the Dash Cams offer state-of-the-art assistance and security when you are driving, they can also act as a security guard substitute for the vehicle when it has been parked and you have left the vicinity. Protection isn’t limited to just marking and recording small collisions and bumps with other cars, but it also will discourage people who may be looking to break in and steal something valuable from your car. When the vehicle becomes stationary and the power is turned off, to save memory and power, the camera will engage a motion detection function where the video will only be recorded when it detects any nearby movement. For example, if the car has been moved either by someone tampering with it or due to a collision, it will begin recording so that it be used as evidence later.

Say Hello to Alexa 

According to Edgar Snyder, cell phone distractions cause 1.6 million crashes each year. That’s not a safe number at all! These distractions include receiving a voice call, text messaging someone, or even using the GPS on the handheld device. The integration of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, into the Dash Cam allows distraction-free access to all the mentioned distractions. Meaning, you can now text, call and use the navigation using voice commands, and the Alexa Voice Control system will make it happen. This feature can significantly reduce the chances of you being caught up in an accident due to a cellphone or other related distraction. 

High Definition & Loop

Blurry images and unclear videos are a thing of the past now, modern Dash Cams are equipped with cameras able to capture videos at 1440p or 2k resolution! Now that’s a lot of pixels. Clear footage allows it to be used as an official type of evidence if ever needed that can prove it invaluable depending on the situation. You won’t be just recording the road and cars ahead of you, but their number plates and many other small details will also be included in the footage that could be the difference between proving your innocence in case of an incident. Due to the high resolution being recorded, the memory of the Dash Cam was being negated at a fast pace. Therefore, the Loop function was introduced. When the memory slot is at full capacity, the Dash Cam begins to wipe out the oldest footage and records the new one over it. This way you don’t need to do this task over and over and no new, possibly crucial footage is lost. 

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