The Best Racing-Themed Online Slot Games

Online slots have been a hit since day one. Ever since people realized just how easy their gameplay is, players have always wanted to try their hand at the games. All you do is watch the reels spinning and await your fate. Anyone can do it, and they barely require you to plan a strategy or go out of your way to learn everything you can about them- they are a far cry from poker. Do you know what else thrills players? Competition! So, casino game providers have found a way to combine the thrill of adrenaline and competition by creating racing-themed online casino games. Let’s see which ones have made it to the most popular list.

The Best Racing-Themed Online Casino Games

The gameplay is as simple as any other online slot game. The reels spin, and you choose the car symbol you like the most. The gameplay then follows this car racing against other drivers (the competition aspect), and if your car makes it to the finish line first, you win! Of course, there are tons of variations in the games, but this is pretty much what you should expect. Some of the best games include:

Highway Kings

If you’re in it for an exciting game that will have you cruising down a highway, this is it. While it has a retro feel, this has not hampered its rise in popularity amongst the players. Like other popular online slots, it features an immersive interface where you can play around with symbols like trucks and tires. You will especially love the variety in pay lines and reels, which enable you to adjust your wager amounts and increase your possible winnings. Unfortunately, no big bonuses are lying in wait. However, you can get as much as $45 per spin, as you can win as much as one hundred times your initial wager. Oh, if you hit the red truck symbol five times, you get a *10,000 multiplier. Picture how much that would be on a $5 bet.

Racing For Pinks

We recommend this game if you are up for a challenge. While it might be harder to win at this than it would be on other games, you will get a good chance to multiply your money by amazing multipliers. How could you not bag a single win with three rows and 243 pay lines (yes, those many) coupled with 5 reels? Plus, if you grab the bonus, you’re looking at a multiplier of *175! Did we mention that there’s a jackpot prize? All you need to do is play enough to make it to the race, choose the winning team, and hope you keep levelling up to the jackpot level. As we said, it’s daunting, but the payouts are incredible.

Green Light

We all love stopping at green lights because it means we can keep cruising down the road and avoid delays in our journeys. The case is not different with this fantastic game. You see, while Highway Kings has a retro vibe, this game takes on a very different approach, with its unique audio-visual features. You will be happy to learn that you will have up to 20 pay lines and five reels available to you on the pay side. Moreover, there are tons of chances to get free spins or play the bonus game. Add the fact that it has a 95% return to player percentage, and you have found yourself a winner. 

Midnight Race

How about an illegal street race? You can already picture what it entails- a lot of adrenaline, no time on your hands, and the need to make decisions on the spot. Even if you don’t bag the biggest payout, you will still enjoy the storyline- which is part of the fun. The symbols include alloy wheels, driving gloves, and a car speedometer. You’ve got five reels and 30 pay lines to work with, and if you hit the scatter symbol often enough, you get free spins. 

Good to Go

What would you do if you bagged a cool $50,000? Well, that’s a reality you might face once you start leaning into this game which takes on a modern twist. You get more spins for the final reward if you hit three scatters, pushing you closer to a big payout. Also, it has nine pay lines which increase your wagering choices. 

So, how about combining some adrenaline with racing-themed fun? Keep in mind that you’ll also get the opportunity to make mad money while you are at it.

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