Categories: announces instant cash upto $10000 offer for junk cars, a junk car removal company located at 45 Evergreen Ave, Springfield NJ 07081 has announced an instant cash offer ranging up to $10,000 for junk cars. The offer is aimed at removing junk cars in circulation. is a family-owned and operated company that promises to pay handsome cash amounts for junk cars. The management of the company repeatedly stresses transparency being a key cornerstone of their brand. The company also claims that the entire process is straightforward. The entire process to sell a junk car is geared to be in such a way that helps the individual who is selling the car to the company.

One of the reasons why the company claims that they are offering up such an opportunity for prospective customers is that they find value in every car irrespective of the make, model, or condition it is in. The company also promises that for someone to sell their car to them, they do not need to interact with any external contractors of any kind and they can instead directly deal with the company regarding the value they expect for a car and any form of subsequent negotiations. This is one of the efforts of the company towards inculcating a greater amount of transparency towards their dealings. The first step for their customers towards trading in their car for cash is that they provide the details of their vehicles on the company site or by calling the company directly. After the details have been submitted to the company, it will run a thorough check on the car in question and provide a free price quotation to the customer. 

This price quote is completely free of any kind of hidden charges and that helps the customer to gain an insight and an idea as to the approximate value of the car they own. Once a customer is interested, then an on-the-spot evaluation is scheduled for the car. Then, once that is complete, a concrete price is offered by the company. If both parties agree on the price, then the payment is provided instantly and as a complementary benefit, free towing is also provided. The company is confident of the entire process and they believe that they have designed it in such a manner that benefits the customer because it involves the minimum amount of hassle for him/her while trading in the car for instant payment. 

Selling off a car can be tough in the current market scenario. It is difficult to get the kind of value that one feels their car commands. The decision-makers over at believe that this offer by the company to provide instant cash up to $10,000 is much needed under the current circumstances, both to attract the customers and also to provide value to the current market. The company also has a considerable digital presence and a simple search with “sell my car” in the New Jersey area would likely point to the company among the other options. Overall, the staff over at are increasingly optimistic about the response that they are going to get from their latest offer.  

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