Farming Simulator 22 – Exciting New Simulator Coming This November!

The latest version of the Farming Simulator franchise, Farming Simulator 22, is right around the corner and many longtime and new fans can’t wait to play! They have been waiting for over 2 years, so they are ready to start a new game with new crops, vehicles, livestock, and building modes. There are so many new features in Farming Simulator 22, including some features that players have been asking the developers to add for years. So, here’s what every player needs to know about the latest game and the upcoming modding frenzy!

The history of Farming Simulator 22

First, let’s start off by learning a bit of the game’s history. The first game, Farming Simulator first debuted all the way back in 2008. At first, the game was not a smash hit, but players did trickle in more and more as the hype around the game grew as more people played it and told their friends and others in the gaming community. The game and the entire franchise were created by just two men, Christian Ammann and Stefan Geiger. 

These men created nearly everything for the game including the programming, the sound of the different machines, as well as other sound effects, and even the graphics. They got the idea after developing a forum dedicated to the underutilized and ignored farming games on the Swiss side of the internet. After their Forum grew and members continued to express their desire for a true farming game, they finally decided to dedicate their time and resources to creating Farming Simulator.

Its rise and popularity

The last few years have been great for the Farming Simulator community, as new players from around the world started playing the popular simulation game. The very first game was released for Microsoft Windows in 2008 and over the years, its popularity has grown to include the PS3, the PS4, the Xbox One and Xbox 360, the Nintendo switch, Mac computers, and even an Android version. 

With the rise of new players, all with their own demands and expectations for the game, came a boom in new and improved mods. The latest game, which debuts in November, is predicted to have over 20 million downloads. The Farming Simulator subreddit community on Reddit has over 67,000 members and more than a hundred community websites are dedicated solely to the franchise.

Upcoming features you don’t want to miss

If you are already a player of Farming Simulator games, then you know that all the games take place in the American Midwest or in the rural European communities. Each game will focus on a different fictional city and each city has a variety of different landscapes, including desert, forest, rivers, and even mountains.

The gaming company that makes the farming simulator games revealed earlier this year that there was a brand-new game mechanic never before seen in any other game and players just can’t wait to optimize it and make it work for their farm. This feature is known as the production chain. Players will be able to use their own crops to create products like cakes and seldom to restaurants and grocery stores around the city. 

Another new feature for Farming Simulator 22 is the introduction of bees. The game will allow players to have beehives and work as beekeepers. The bees themselves will act as a type of fertilizer when it is time to exchange them for stronger bees. Placing beehives close to your crops will increase their yield as these will also work as pollinators in the game.

The last new feature we will mention in this article are greenhouses. Players will be able to grow delicate crops that cannot be grown on cornfields in the greenhouses which will allow them to have better control of both the rate of fertilization and the yield.

Vehicles in Farming Simulator 22

There’s absolutely no shortage of vehicles in the new Farming Simulator 22 game. Not only will the game have some of the much-loved classic vehicles played in other previous Farming Simulator games, but it also boasts an entire line of brand new never before seen vehicles or brand-new modifications that are sure to improve the rate of production, Harvest, and transport of the players’ Farms. So, the most notable new farming machines are:

  • The John Deere 8RX Series
  • The SiloKing Setlife
  • The Case Magnum AFS
  • The Valtra Valmet 8750
  • The Steyr 8150
  • The Grimme EVO 290
  • And so many more!

One of the most anticipated new farming machines is the grape harvester. Oh, the grape Harvester is designed to harvest fully ripe grapes that are ready to be turned into wine, jam, and any other products available on the production line. The grape Harvester is also a new crop available in the latest Farming Simulator 22 game.

When will Farming Simulator 22 be available?

After nearly three years of waiting, we are proud to announce that the Farming Simulator 22 game will finally be available on November 22! The 22nd game of the franchise will debut on the 22nd of November! Now that is good timing and marketing! The Farming Simulator Community is already foaming at the mouth and can’t wait to install the game. Many dedicated players have already reserved the game and are just waiting to press the start button

Modding support for the community

Modding has always been a big part of the Farming Simulator franchise. Whether a player wants more realistic effects when the weather changes or new crops that aren’t available in game, the modding community has been there to pick up where the developers left off. This time around, there are sure to be far more Farming Simulator 22 mods than ever before! Since many of the schematics and features of the game have already been published, dedicated franchise modders have already started developing mods for the community.

The mods that are already available for Farming Simulator 22 are:

  • Improved vehicles and tools in Farming Simulator 22
  • McCormick X8 VT-Drive in FS22 V1.0
  • Elmcreek map in FS22
  • FS22 Horse helpers

These mods are based off of the previous game, Farming Simulator 19.

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