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Accessories You Need for Your UTV

Have you ever driven a UTV or Utility Task Vehicle? They are also known as Side-by-Side (SxS) and Recreational off-highway vehicles (ROV). These powerful four-wheelers are used both for work and fun. Farmers use them for hauling and mowing, while adventure lovers love them for trailblazing. They are called side-by-side because they have two to four side-by-side seating capacities for passengers. However, like any other vehicle, they are also prone to breaking down. Without the right accessories, you can forget about receiving optimum performance and satisfaction. But what are those UTV accessories that every one of these vehicles should have?


Since you will be using your side-by-side for off-roading and rough terrain for everyday work, you never know when it might get stuck in the mud. The only thing that will get the cars out in such situations is a strong winch. A winch is a chain wound around a drum operated by a motor or crank connected to another vehicle to pull you out. They are also beneficial for adding an object like a snowplow to clear out the snow effectively. While buying a winch, some of the factors you should consider are weight rating, cable, mount plate, and price.

Extra Tire

Anybody who has a little experience with SxS will tell you the necessity of having a spare tire at all times. Because they operate in rugged conditions, their chances of having flat or blown-out tires are significantly high. The tire you need will depend on whether the vehicle is driven off-road or on the streets. Any tire should be DOT-rated (DOT symbol signifies that the tire manufacturer has followed the US Department of Transportation). An 8-ply will work best for roads. For off-roading, a 4–6 ply will offer optimum performance. Those are light and have an aggressive tire tread with enormous tread blocks. Along with this, there are other accessories also that you must have for a comfortable experience, such as Rugged Radios Intercom.

Rearview Mirror

You will require a rearview mirror at all times. They are indispensable for safety purposes and let you know the distance from another vehicle. It is better to go with a strong one, that offers a broad view, has rigid metal brackets, can be attached without drilling or cutting, and is available with rubber bushings. 


Driving without a roof, with the wind rushing against your face or the sun settling on it comfortably, can be exhilarating. But you will need a roof sooner or later. What if you’re caught in the rain, or it’s scorching hot? A roof will be beneficial at night as you can fix light bars on it. It will also protect you from low-lying branches or other obstructions you could meet in off-road trails. You could also attach a stereo system to it. Some of the standard roofs suitable for these vehicles are aluminum, tinted, soft, and plastic. 

Storage Pack

Even though most UTVs have ample storage space, they are driven in rough conditions. That can cause the items to fall and damage quite quickly. In those situations, a storage pack will come in handy. There are several models and sizes of containers available, so go with one that suits your requirements. As a general rule, opt for those that can accommodate many heavy items, sit comfortably, have several compartments, handles, and mounting straps, and be easily installed.

Fuel Tank

Your ROV will need constant fuel to keep going. But finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank can be harrowing. A fuel tank will help you out in such situations. Some of the things you should check while looking for a tank are the material, price, accessibility, price, and weight. Steel, aluminum, and plastics work best for fuel tanks. It should also have a nozzle that can reach the fuel caps easily. 

These are some of the essential UTV accessories that complete your vehicle. They also enhance the experience of driving these powerful and stylish four-wheelers. Whether you have a UTV or are buying a new one, try to ensure that it has all of these.

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