How Can Upswell Marketing Help You With Your Automotive Print Advertising?

Automotive repair shops face some unique challenges when it comes to attracting new customers. For one thing, auto shops rely exclusively on local drivers for their business. During the pandemic, many retail stores moved the bulk of their operations online, but that wasn’t an option for repair shops.

The good news is that, no matter what else is going on in the world, drivers will still need to have tires replaced, brakes changed, and cars repaired. Auto shop owners just need to figure out how to let all those potential customers know they’re open for business. Read on to find out how Upswell can help.

An Advertising Agency With Specialized Expertise

Some marketing firms provide only generalized services, working with clients in dozens of industries across multiple states. Upswell Marketing is different. This advertising agency provides specialized services to local businesses with a focus on auto shops.

Working with an agency that has specialized expertise comes with some unexpected benefits. For one, these professionals have already worked with similar clients in other cities or states, which means they know what works and what doesn’t. Plus, the specialized automotive advertisers at Upswell are experts in leveraging data and analytics to create, track, and improve print marketing campaigns just like they would digital advertising.

Direct Mail Marketing

Most auto shops draw the majority of their customers from the immediate area. Even the best shops rarely see repeat business from drivers who live in different cities or even different neighborhoods. The highly localized nature of auto shop customer bases makes targeted direct mail marketing campaigns a perfect fit.

Upswell starts every direct mail marketing campaign by performing a comprehensive assessment of the shop’s past marketing efforts, target audiences, and branding efforts. From there, the design team will work with the shop owner to determine the right format for the mailers and come up with a compelling message that includes both text and images. Options include:

  • Postcards
  • Scratch-offs
  • Bifolds and tri-folds
  • Newsletters
  • Plastic gift card mailers
  • Envelope mailers
  • And more

The experts at Upswell don’t wash their hands of the campaign as soon as the mailers go out, either. Shop owners can expect to get not just an excellent return on investment but also detailed reporting about the success of the campaign, including what worked and what didn’t. Many shop owners are so happy with Upswell’s direct mail marketing services that they choose to send weekly newsletters, mailers, or postcards to the area’s most promising potential customers.

Integrated Services

While print marketing offers auto shops a fantastic way to reach local drivers and increase brand awareness, direct mail campaigns shouldn’t be the only strategy put into place. Every modern business also needs an outstanding website, up-to-date directory listings, active social media pages, and a positive online reputation. Working with Upswell means getting access to not just print media services but also an experienced team of web designers and digital marketers.

Reach Out Today

Ready to start seeing more cars pulling into that empty garage? There’s no reason to navigate the complex world of print marketing for auto shops alone. The experts at Upswell are here to help and offer free marketing assessments to new clients. Browse the website to learn more about available services or call (866) 262-8571 to speak with a representative today.

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