What Do Car Diagnosis Codes Mean?

If you have a car, you understand the importance of learning how to read car diagnosis codes before you contact a mechanic or fix it. Car diagnosis codes are codes kept by the onboard computer diagnostic system. The codes respond to a fault found in the vehicle by the system. These codes are intended to help you know where an error might occur. The following are car diagnosis codes that you need to know how they mean.

1)            P0700

This is a code that shows there is a Transmission Control System Malfunction. The transmission Control Module is one part of the Power Control Module (PCM), which is in charge of the transmission system. Therefore, when a malfunction is detected, the TCM will indicate the above code.

P0700 is a general code so ensure you check out other accompanied codes. In fact, search for trouble codes for cars to get a more detailed guide on these codes. These car experts have compiled a detailed list of all vehicle codes. This guide will help you learn a lot about your car problems and solve them.

2)            P0171-P0175

These are codes for oxygen sensors, which is one of the most common car problems. A car’s oxygen sensor monitors the level of oxygen in the exhaust. This allows the engine computer to adjust the fuel mixture, minimize emissions, and maximize fuel economy. Therefore, if your oxygen sensor is not working well, you will use more fuel, and in some cases, your vehicle may randomly stall.

3)            P0455

This code means a gross leak is detected in the Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP). This system prevents gasoline vapors that are in the fuel tank from escaping into the air. Powertrain Control Module monitors it, and when the computer identifies extensive leaks in EVAP, it will send the code P0455. Other codes include P0442 and P0456, which means EVAP small and EVAP very small detected.

4)            P0300

This code means that there is an engine misfire. If the engine of your car misfires, it means that one or more of the cylinders is not working well. If your vehicle keeps on shaking or vibrating while idling and it is not fuel-efficient as it should be, then it has an engine misfire problem.

The self-diagnosis system tracks engine misfires by monitoring the speed of the crankshaft when your engine is running. Therefore, when the system detects a slight loss of speed in the crankshaft, it logs a misfire.

5)            P0411

This code indicates a problem in the evaporative system (EVAP). EVAP has the role of containing and removing vapors produced when fuel is burned. One of the reasons why this code log is a loose gas cap permitting vapors to escape from the fuel tank. EVAP includes a charcoal canister, vent hoses, a purge valve, and a vacuum sensor.

These codes mentioned above are common car diagnostic codes you will find in most cars. Knowing the meaning of these codes will help you know the problem and the way to fix it.

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