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There are many automobile insurance companies that offer discounts to active military servicemen and women as well as military veterans that were honorably discharged. These discounts can often save even more on your policy.

There are also companies that offer discounts on auto insurance for disabled veterans who have been honorably discharged. Before you make a final insurance decision on your automotive insurance, you should always check with multiple insurance providers to find the best price and the right policy that will fulfill your particular needs. Not all companies offer the same premiums and coverages, so you could save some money by shopping around.

Why are there military discounts? Well, these companies consider veterans to be among the low-risk drivers because of their military training based on rigorous standards set forth for all military personnel. The military training combined with a clean driving record, veterans should be able to find low-cost insurance that will meet their needs. Sometimes, they can include all of the family members on their policy and that can mean even more savings.

You also need to understand that specifications for discounts may differ from one company to another. Another item to keep in mind is that often military veterans may also qualify for other incentives including but not limited to a safe driver discount if they have a clean driving record.

If you are a disabled veteran and you have a vehicle that has been modified you should make your insurance agent aware of these items as they will probably increase the value of your vehicle. Items such as seat modifications, pedal extenders, ramps, hand controls, and any other altercations made to your vehicle should be included on your insurance policy. The US Department of Veteran Affairs may provide monetary support for these modifications if you meet their eligibility requirements.

There are other things that a veteran can do that could reduce their insurance rates. One way is to choose a higher deductible or and another is to combine all of your insurance, such as home, auto, and life insurance, into one policy. This is another reason to shop around to find the policy that is best for you and your family’s needs.

There are numerous insurance companies that offer military discounts to active military members and some of them include Allstate, Esurance, Farmers, Geico, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, Safe Auto, Safeco, State Farm, The General, and USAA. Disabled veterans will also be offered the same discounts.

It is always a good idea to check with the insurance company to be certain what type, if any, discounts, are included for active, retired, or disabled military personnel. Finding the best insurance rates can be time-consuming and there are multiple factors that will determine which policy is right for you.

Although there are automobile insurance companies that will provide reduced rates to past, present, retired and disabled veterans, there is no easy answer as to which one is right for you. It will require diligence by doing the research, getting multiple quotes, and reading reviews. But in the end, your hard work should pay off with the right policy for the right price.

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