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During the winter months, we reside in the lull period of the NASCAR Cup. This period can be used as a means to wind down, relax, and enjoy the holidays, or look forward to the next year’s big events. However, some enjoy flexing their racing knowledge and hedging their bets on winning big in racing and this period can be seen as losing a source of income for a couple of months. Looking towards motorsports on an international scale can be a great means to learn, and find the next best thing to hedge your money on.

Where to Look

When looking at just the previous weekend (December 3-5, 2021), these large events took place:

All of the aforementioned list are on an international level. Expanding further, looking towards other racing events starting in January such as World RX Rallycross or in February, (the same time as Nascar) the Indy Pro 2000. This also fails to encapsulate many local events that happen internationally that you can bet on.

Where to Bet

Finding the necessary places to bet on these events is the second piece of the puzzle. For many, the most convenient place in this modern age is on the internet through websites. Inside the United States, all legal betting websites are regulated and protected. It’s also worth mentioning there are illegal sites, and you can use simple google searches to double-check and test the authenticity of any given website. Many of these sites also will corroborate and host wagers on international events.

If you are abroad or live outside of the U.S. there will be different laws and regulations on websites you visit, and it will be equally important to double-check the legitimacy of websites to ensure you will be getting payouts.

Lastly, if you’re new to online betting, or betting in general it’s important to know or refresh yourself on good strategies to ensure better odds for yourself.

Alternative Options

For those that aren’t interested in international motorsports, there are still avenues to seek out wagers and bets through online casinos (responsibly of course) throughout winter. There is a multitude of online betting and casino websites locally or internationally, such as Irish casino sites, you can visit that offer enjoyable games. Some of the games are even capable of emulating racing to encapsulate some of the thrills of real-life race betting. These websites also offer the obvious, such as blackjack, poker, and slots.

The winter period would also be a fantastic time to spend researching and gaining a leg up for the upcoming large 2022 events such as the Nascar Cup. Whether it’s discovering the new tech being employed, or the new team compositions, being in the know is invaluable for making the strongest wagers possible.

Finally, simply just resting and spending your evenings relaxing instead could provide the best benefits of all. Spending some time destressing to gain a clearer mind will result in better mental health, and potentially even better decisions when it comes to wagering your hard-earned money.

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