How To Find The Right Brakes For Your Car & Save Big

Your car’s overall safety and performance depend on your brakes. The braking system includes the brake pedal, the master cylinder, the wheel cylinders, and the brake shoes or linings. The job of the brakes is to slow or stop the rotation of the wheels.

Tires are also important when it comes to braking efficiency. Even if you’re driving a sports car and you have a powerful engine, if your tires aren’t maintained properly and in good condition, you’re not going to be able to stop on time. They will wear down over time, so they may not provide the same stopping power they used to. 

Finding the right auto parts in Australia, including brake pads, can be complicated. There are many different types of brakes and many different brands, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you head to the store. The last thing you want is to find something that doesn’t fit your car and have to go through the ordering process all over again.

Determine Your Brake Type

There are four main types of brakes for cars: drum, disc, vented, and solid disc. Each of these refers to how your brakes are built inside. Most older model cars use drum brakes, while newer cars commonly have solid disk brakes. Vented discs are also used on newer vehicles and provide better cooling than solid discs.

Find What You Need

You’ll need to know what kind of brake caliper you need for your car before you start shopping for brake pads. Calipers attach to your wheels, squeeze the brake pads against the rotor and slow down or stop your vehicle. You can check the manufacturer’s website or look in your vehicle manual to determine which type of caliper you have.

Tire Size 

The size of your tires has an impact on how much braking power you have. Bigger tires mean more rolling resistance and less stopping power. So if you want more stopping power, go with smaller tires. On the other hand, traction is greater with larger tires, so there’s a tradeoff between performance and safety.

Weight of Your Car 

As weight increases, so does stopping distance; this is particularly true for heavier cars like SUVs and trucks. It takes extra effort to stop a heavy vehicle compared to a lighter one with the same size tires.

Road Conditions

 If you live in an area with rain and snow, your brakes will work harder than if you live in an area that rarely sees precipitation. The more moisture on the road, the longer it takes for your vehicle to stop. So if you live in an area where weather is unpredictable, be sure to get a good set of all-weather brake pads before winter hits.

Take Your Car To A Shop For An Inspection

If you need to replace your vehicle’s brakes, there are several factors that you should consider before you make any purchases. Many people do not consider one option is taking their car to a mechanic or shop for a professional inspection of their vehicle’s current braking system. Taking your vehicle to a shop will allow them to take a look at your car and let you know exactly what is wrong with your current braking system, if anything at all. This is an essential step in replacing your vehicle’s brakes because it will ensure that there are no surprises when you purchase new brakes for your car.

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