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What you should know about aftermarket Peterbilt parts and accessories?

It all started in the 1920s when an enterprising businessman added a flatbed to the back of his Ford Model T. The truck as a commercial vehicle was born at that moment and soon the great American manufacturers were adding their own factory-built commercials to their ranges.

The heavy truck came later, but it didn’t take long for the wonderful behemoths that populate the freeways taking goods to and from cities to become commonplace. It remains a fact that the vast majority of freight in the USA is moved by road. This may surprise you in an age where air freight is often thought to be predominant, yet road remains the only way of getting door-to-door deliveries. 

A truck can pick up at a warehouse or dispatch center and deliver direct to similar thousands of miles away. This is why trucks are synonymous with the USA where great distances have to be covered.

In this article, we want to talk about a truck that has become an American institution: the Peterbilt. We want to look at why these trucks are particularly interesting, what parts need replacing, and why you need to find a reliable supplier of aftermarket Peterbilt parts and accessories – Shift Products being a good example. Let’s have a look at Peterbilt, the brand. 

What Makes Peterbilt Special?

Peterbilt has its roots in the logging industry in the 1930s. An entrepreneur by the name of TA Peterman purchased 30,000 acres of forest land in Washington. An experienced lumberman, de decided that the best way to transport logs was by road and not rail, so he began by buying surplus trucks for his fleet from the US Army.

On a business trip to California in 1938, Peterman learned that there was a truck company on Oakland by the name of Fageol for sale. He bought the company and launched it in 1939 as the Peterbilt Motors Company. The rest, as they say, is history and Peterbilt has now long been famous as one of the premier manufacturers of Class 8 heavy trucks, plus a range of commercial vehicles in classes 5 to 7.

The current Peterbilt range is based around well-known designs such as the 365 and 367 service vehicles, with the mighty and magnificent model 579 embodying everything that is iconic about modern heavy trucks. So, about Peterbilt parts, which are those that need replacing most often? 

What Peterbilt Truck Parts Need Replacing? 

Which truck parts should you be having replaced on a regular basis? Naturally, we look towards those that take a lot of hard work during their lifetime, so here’s our list of the parts you are most likely to replace more often than others:

  • Tires are the contact point with the road and take perhaps the most ardent punishment of all truck parts. Tires wear naturally and while truck tires are designed specifically for heavy-duty use, they will have a limited lifespan. The length of time tires will last depends upon the truck and the journeys undertaken so they should be checked regularly.
  • Brakes take a battering and have to bring a very heavy vehicle to a halt safely and sufficiently. The many parts of the braking system are all consumables and are among the most important when it comes to checking over a truck.
  • Air and other filters are essential to the clean and efficient running of a truck and will get blocked and exceed their lifespan surprisingly often. These are easy replacements that will automatically be undertaken at any intermediate or major service. 
  • Batteries do not last a lifetime and where trucks are concerned will wear out faster than other vehicles as they have a lot of work to do during every journey. Make sure your battery is checked and replaced whenever your truck is in for maintenance.

The above are just a few of the items on your Peterbilt that may need replacing regularly, and the likes of the suspension system, for example, and other ancillaries around the engine and transmission may also fail after thousands of miles of heavy use. So, what can you do to make sure your Peterbilt is well-maintained and safe for the roads?

Should I use Aftermarket Parts?

When choosing aftermarket parts for a Peterbilt or indeed any heavy truck always turn to a reputable retailer with quality OEM parts. This ensures that the items you choose will be designed and machined, especially for the Peterbilt truck. Some items may be interchangeable with other trucks, but some may be exclusive to your particular model. It’s worth checking out the supplier we mentioned earlier as they have a reputation for quality part supply and great customer service. 

Are Peterbilt Trucks Reliable?

Peterbilt has built a reputation for trucks that are supremely reliable and dependable and promise a long as possible life for all classes of heavy truck. They are made to a high standard of quality that reflects one of the oldest and most established dedicated truck brands in the world, not only in the USA. If serviced correctly and regularly, and using the right parts and techniques, a Peterbilt can last as long as it is possible for such a vehicle to carry on providing its necessary services. 

Why Regular Servicing of your Peterbilt Truck is Vital

There are two elements involved in ensuring your Peterbilt truck is well-maintained: one is safety – not just for the driver who may need to stop the truck or get it back in control should a parr fail, but also for other road users and pedestrians who may be in danger in such an incident – and the other is dependability. 

You will be undertaking lengthy journeys in your Peterbilt in a variety of potentially extreme conditions, and you need to know you can depend upon your truck to get you there and back. Make sure you use the best after-market parts and have your truck checked over regularly. 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of


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