How To Choose A Canopy For Racing Event

A canopy tent can be pretty helpful at any sporting event, especially racing events. Racing events run for a long time and are held outside. Canopy tents provide shade and temporary shelter from the sun, making spectating at racing events more comfortable. As such, a canopy tent becomes an essential tool for such gatherings. 

There’s a variety of canopy tent options available. However, if you know what to look for, choosing one will be a piece of cake. In that case, don’t worry–this article will help you.  

Figure Out The Right Size 

Most canopies are built in the same way—with four legs and an upper roof. However, their sizes may vary. When deciding on the size and number of your canopy tent, you must first look into the scope of the racing event. You don’t want to order a canopy tent, perfect in every way, only to discover that it’s too small and doesn’t fit your needs. For an average event, a custom 10×10 canopy is ideal. Yet, there’s always the option of a larger or smaller size. 

Here are some points to keep in mind when identifying your canopy tent size: 

  • Total number of guests – Even though you don’t know the exact number of guests, it’s wise to estimate. It’s preferable to have a massive tent than to cram visitors into a tiny tent.  
  • Seating layout – After you’ve estimated the number of guests, the seating layout for your event is the following point you’ll need to consider in determining the canopy tent size. Then, try to estimate how many seats will fit in your tent when adequately spaced.   
  • Weather or climate conditions – When the weather is hot or humid, people like to have more space to breathe freely. Remember that you may need more space for each guest if your race is in a warm or tropical location. 

Don’t forget to take the canopy’s height into account as well. Make sure tall visitors don’t bump their heads upon entering or leaving. Canopy tents should be both functional and comfortable for your team.  

Choose A Tent Type And Material Used 

When you know your tent size, you’ll be better able to choose the right type of tent. Depending on the tent you choose, the setup time, appearance, and functionality may differ, so don’t skip this step and assume that any tent will do. The following are some canopy tent styles: 

  • Pole – Among the most commonly used tents, pole tents are available in almost any size and have the typical canopy style that many buyers seek in tents. Center poles provide the foundation for this tent form, as its name implies. However, given that these tents must be fixed to the ground, they’re not suitable for use on concrete or asphalt. 
  • Pop-up – Pop-up tents are compact and are perfect for starters since they’re easy to install, take down, and maintain. As the name suggests, pop-up canopy tents have a basic structure that can be easily put up and brought down by one person, and transported to different venues if necessary. 
  • Frame – Frame tents might be the best canopy tents on the market. Similar to a pole tent, a frame canopy may be adjusted to handle any number of guests and is suitable for larger racing events. However, it doesn’t need to be fixed to the ground and doesn’t have a primary pole. 

Various materials may be used for the canopy and frame. Steel is more robust and heavier than aluminum, making it a good choice in windy situations. Many canopy tents come with a powder coat to inhibit rust despite steel’s tendency to rust. While aluminum is lighter and easier to put up, it bends more easily than steel. 

Pick The Perfect Fabric 

After selecting the size and type of your tent, choose the ideal fabric. Regardless of the tent you choose, be sure the fabric is of high quality and can resist all weather conditions, or you’ll probably end up with one that fails to serve its purpose: protect your guests. The most common fabric used for the canopy is water-resistant polyester. It can be obtained in a range of widths, which will significantly impact its longevity and water resistance. The thicker the fabric, the greater the strength. 

Canopy tents made of polyester with a vinyl finish are also available. While they may be pricier, these vinyl canopies may provide more excellent coverage from UV rays, as well as the weather. Some vinyl coverings are also made to be fire-resistant. 

Conclusion With so many options, choosing the proper tent for your racing event might be difficult, but this article will guide you through the whole process of picking the perfect canopy tent. You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the entire event once you’ve selected the correct tent for your needs.

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