Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (CMHF)

Trois-Rivieres (Quebec, Canada), May 31, 2022 – In 2012, Dumoulin Competition and its new partner in the NASCAR Canada Series at the time, WeatherTech Canada, decided to work together at an integrated level in terms of well understood goals and strategies by both parties. After 10 years of success using this evolved partnership program at the sporting and marketing levels, both partners are proud to announce that the agreement has been extended for three more years (2022 to 2024 inclusive).

A partnership lasting 13 years is rare in the world of motorsports in Quebec and Canada. The business relationship consolidated over the years and the common passion for motor racing allow Dumoulin Competition and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin to optimize their creative talents and deliver superior performances in all their on-track activities (three championships in 2014, 2018 and 2021) as well as in marketing activities across the country, always in cooperation with WeatherTech Canada, an undisputed leader in the automotive accessories market.

“From earning his third Canadian NASCAR championship title to being inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame, L.P. and the Dumoulin Competition team continue to raise the standard of excellence in Canadian motorsports. Their confidence, ambition and professionalism are displayed both on and off the track, and it’s something we truly value at WeatherTech. We’ve grown together over the last ten years and are proud to have L.P as a corporate partner, brand ambassador and close friend. We look forward to another three years of growth and continued success,” explain Tony Page and Joe Magri, co-owners of the company.

“At first, we used outside specialists to prepare our cars, then WeatherTech Canada supported us in our dream of starting our own race shop,” recalls Louis-Philippe Dumoulin. “We have now accumulated three championships together, including two with our own preparation business, Dumoulin Competition. I consider WeatherTech Canada a part of my family, just like Groupe Bellemare, which has been with us since the beginning of our careers.

“Every time I think about what we have accomplished, it makes me so proud and emotional. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs over the last 10 years, and we’ve always come back stronger. We’re still going strong. We are not sitting on our laurels, and I realize how lucky I am to be in racing and to have strong business partners. I am very aware of the privilege and luck I have to be there, and I will continue to give back to them in performance and visibility.”


“In front of all these people, I felt like a little giant among the big ones, the real ones!”

On May 28, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin and WeatherTech Canada participated in the driver’s induction ceremony (2020 Cohort) into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame (CMHF), which was postponed from the previous two years due to the health situation. “

“I waited for my induction ceremony into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame for two years, due to Covid. Then when it happened last Saturday, I felt that it was well worth the wait. I found myself immersed in the world of the great, the people I admired and inspired me when I was young and then in my now 29-year career. I felt the full range of emotions: humility at being included in such a group, pride at seeing what I have been able to accomplish. To be recognized in the motorsport world and being able to share it with all those who have been with me since the beginning, I would not have achieved it without you all! And especially my parents, who always helped me to believe in the greatness of life, and who convinced me that everything was possible.”


WeatherTech is committed to designing, engineering and manufacturing the finest products possible for your vehicle, home and your pet. From the industry leading FloorLiner to the 100% non-toxic Pet Feeding System, WeatherTech has dedicated itself to exceed customer expectations of quality, craftsmanship and environmental sustainability for over 30 years. To see the full line of automotive, home and pet products that are guaranteed for life, visit weathertech.ca.

Groupe Bellemare is a 3rd generation family business that has been serving clients since 1959. Today, the company has more than 500 employees and provides them with an innovative work environment facilitating work-family balance and a healthy and safe quality of life. With over a half century of experience and its sustained R&D efforts, the Company offers high-quality products and services in areas as diverse as concrete, abrasives and minerals, dimensional load transportation, and recycling. Groupe Bellemare is also very involved in its industry and attaches great importance to its social and environmental role as a member of the business community. Groupe Bellemare makes a positive contribution to the quality of life of citizens in the communities it serves by supporting numerous social causes and promoting local purchasing through its responsible procurement practices.


Dumoulin Competition. Jean-François and Louis-Philippe Dumoulin founded the Dumoulin Competition Race Team in 2009. Working with financial, marketing, logistics and sports management experts, they built up a solid business structure. Dumoulin Competition prepares its own race cars in-house since 2016. Their motto: “Passion – Performance – Partnerships” expresses their will to perform on the track and offer their partners maximum visibility and profitability in return for their commitment. Their vision: To become Canada’s leader in motorsports through on-track performance, an entrepreneurial spirit and human values. dumoulincompetition.com

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