How to make money on rates, spending only 2 hours

Quite often you can come across the opinion that live betting cyprus is either a game of luck or outright cheating, but by no means a form of earning. However, if you seriously wonder how to make money from betting, you can discover completely unexpected things.

The most common type of such earnings is betting on sports. To do this, you need to understand different sports (or at least one), know about the current situation (who is in the lead, who is still a promising newcomer, etc.) and, of course, be ready to take risks because it is impossible to predict one hundred percent the result of a particular game.

What are bets, and how to make money on bookmaker bets?

You can make bets through a bookmaker – this organization takes players’ bets on the outcome of any events. So a bookmaker is a kind of intermediary.

How does this happen? A classic example in many famous movies is betting on a racetrack. In the office, before the game, the coefficient of the probability of winning this or that horse is determined based on current data and various forecasts, and they offer to make their bet. If a person bets on a well-known favorite, then, in case of success, his winnings will be smaller than if he bets on the most “hopeless” horse and wins. Another question – is it worth taking such a risk? If you are sure – it is worth it. If not – it is worth staying, so to speak, in the trend and not risking anything or finding an “average” option – bet on another participant.

When placing a bet, you are betting with the bookies themselves. And then, a lot depends on who among you is better versed in the issue, because it is precisely such a person who possesses knowledge about the correct coefficients of the result of the competition.

How to make money on bets – secrets

First, do not take the coefficients and forecasts of bookmakers as the truth in the last instance. They can also be wrong. Remember that you bet on one specific event, and the office accepts many bets on very different types of sports. And ordinary people who can make mistakes work there. 

  • You may encounter an incorrect coefficient due to an error or even an incorrect calculation. This can be your chance for a good profit.
  • Of course, to make the correct calculation on your own and take advantage of the bookmaker’s mistake, you need to know this sport’s intricacies well. And maybe you have some additional information. 
  • If you are sure your knowledge is comprehensive, feel free to place your bets!

Bookmaker fork. A fork is a situation when different bookmakers set different coefficients on bets. Why does this happen? Firstly, analysts’ forecasts may differ in each office, and secondly (and most often), it is intended to be so. Thus, bookmakers are reinsured and ensure their profit in any outcome. So what does it give you? 

Calculate the amounts to bet on each event outcome, and you will be in the winnings either way. Pay attention to such an indicator as the checkmate (the average value of a random variable). In good cobs, on which you can make good money, this value is more than 5%. But most typically, checkmate does not exceed 1-2% for the most popular sports.

Analysis and mathematical calculation – this is the secret of making decent amounts by betting. And if these things are close to you, then the probability of success is high.

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