How to Sell Off Your Junk Car for a Fair Price?

We all love keeping our good old cars around us. Our mechanical buddies have been with us through the high and low rides, the rainy days, and extra sunny ones. Cars do a lot more than we give them credit. 

Some people like to keep their favorite vehicle around just long enough to pass it on to the next person. Others like a quick replacement. Putting it plainly, we all have different relationships with our vehicles. That just makes junk car removalessential to discuss.

So here is the thing about having a junk car, it is better when you let it go. Except it’s a good old-timer you would like to keep around for the museum. Maybe for its aesthetic and artistic value as well. You know, it is just time to let that junk car go!

Now here is what we mean when we say junk car. It does not always only apply to a vehicle that is so obviously falling apart with a few misplaced windshields. It could also mean a damaged car. Even though a falling apart car counts pretty much as junk that you should let go. 

So here is the thing about junk cars: you can get them off your hands without extra cost. What’s more? You can even make a few extra bucks while getting them off your hands. Here is everything you need to know about junk car removal services and how to make your way around them!

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There is no need to keep that junk car in your garage or personal property for too long. You’ve got options and ones that could make you a few extra bucks. Are you looking for a junkyard just waiting to help with getting your junk car off your hands? Then USJunkYard is a great place to start when looking to sell off that junk car.

One cool feature about this is you can get your car sold in 4 easy steps today at a fair price! It also offers free towing for your vehicle. This way, you don’t spend extra cash on the mileage and transport.

When Does a Damaged Car Qualify as Junk?

Here’s a straightforward response that works in most cases. Your car is most likely damaged when it is beyond repair. In other instances, the repair cost is much more than getting a new one. If there is an emotional attachment to your Bumblebee, then junk car removal is your best bet.

While not all parts of the vehicle might be damaged, the vital functions are likely condemned. It becomes harder to get it around, even if it goes anywhere. So whether it is painted in your favorite color or has your childhood sticker on the back. It might even be your first college car.

Whatever it is, your vehicle would inevitably want you to move on, which is hardly arguable. So that car, yes, that one that comes to mind when we say “junk car,” has to go. Here is how!

How to Make Money from a Junk Car?

There are different ways you can make money off a junk car. All of these, however, fall into two main categories. Except, of course, you want to consider selling it to the museum a few centuries from now. Jokes aside, let’s get to the real business, the money business.

Here are two ways anyone anywhere can make money off a junk car

  • Selling in bits
  • Selling as a whole

Selling Your Junk Car in Bits.

As previously stated, a junk or damaged car is not necessarily a lifesaver. While it is damaged and most likely condemned, a few parts might still be functional and very much needed.

What you do is to find people who are interested in these still-working parts. Then you can sell it to them for a fee. If you have a trendy car, it would be much easier to sell it off in bits. It works well because there would be high demand for parts you have to sell at a much lower price. 

Selling your junk car in bits also increases how much you can get for it. By trading in bits, you can quickly control the pricing and the fee. Rather than when it is priced off as a whole. You can also make extra cash when you need it.

It’s like a junky old treasure chest you dig right into when you need a couple of doubloons. 

Selling Off as a Whole

Rather than going through the process, you might want to sell it off as a whole. In such cases, the car is removed from your property and hands once and for all. Now you might be wondering, how can I get a full junk car sold?

Who is waiting around for a junk car to purchase? It is undoubtedly true that you have a higher chance of selling in bits than selling as a whole. However, that only applies when you do not know who to sell to.

A couple of people are just waiting around the corner for a junk car they can get their hands on. You do not need to look too far to find one of these. Neither do you need to hand up a yard sale or an ad on Etsy. You can quickly sell your junk cars to these categories:

Junkyards and Scrapyards

A junkyard or scrap yard is where cars like yours are brought for a better future. No, we do not mean a pimp, even though that’s not a bad idea. Since you are selling as a whole, junkyards and scrapyards buy from you as a whole.

They take it down to their base to dismantle and sort. After dismantling, they pick out the valuable parts, which are a lot, and resell them. Junkyards have a broad client base, so whether it works or not, they have a sale!

Auto Recyclers

Auto recyclers are another top client of junk cars. They buy in bits and also as a whole. Auto recyclers patronize most junkyards. At the same time, auto recyclers can also do their sourcing themselves.

They find auto parts that are in demand or needed by people. It could range from rear lights to doors. They resell these parts at a much lower price than their new counterparts.


These are useful tips on how to sell off your junk car for a fair price. Since 25% of a car’s body is made from recycled materials, they have quite the market. As a result, they are out for junk, and you’ve got what they need.

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