How to Find Your Dream Car?

The market behind automobiles is gigantic. The worldwide revenue for the automotive industry is somewhere in the region of $2.7 trillion annually. And there are somewhere between 74 – 78 million vehicles sold across the planet every year.

In the states, there are about 17 million car sales per year, with Californians leading the pack with just under 900,000 automobile purchases per annum between them.

Finding a dream car can be difficult though. Many a buyer has rushed their decision only to regret it later as they are stuck with a lemon. Buyer’s remorse is a cruel thing when it is attached to a dream car purchase.

There is much excitement to be had when buying a new automobile. Thoughts will invariably turn to future journeys, perhaps with loved ones and friends when dreaming about buying a car. It is important then to know how to locate your dream car, and what pitfalls to avoid.

How can you find that dream car?

The key to finding your dream vehicle is knowing where to look, and what to be aware of. In the past, some car dealers had a certain reputation to be wary of. The automotive trade is by and large a very reputable one, but there are still a few bad apples out there.

It is therefore a good idea to use resource websites for car dealers, and look at reviews online. A site such as is designed to point buyers in the right direction and steer them away from dodgy car sellers.

What can a car dealer review site help with?

As the title implies, these types of websites can help you to find the best car dealers in your area, but they can do more than just this.

Help to avoid car seller scams

One of the concerns with some traders will be getting scammed. Reading reviews and advice can help to avoid some of the better-known scams such as financing and unnecessary extended warranties.

Help with buying tips

These sites will often have reviews of cars and other vehicles on them, but more importantly, they can give helpful buying tips. These can include help with credit scores for financing, or when the best time to buy a car is.

Other ways to find a dream car

If you are tired of the sales pattern you’ve been receiving in the shiny showrooms, or you are not yet certain of which make or model you are after, you might want to broaden your search.

There are plenty of options for someone searching for a dream automobile, and this includes going online.

There are plenty of options for someone searching for a dream automobile, and this includes going online. Consider Tunkhannock auto mart, where you can find special deals on a full lineup of your favorite Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and more.

Search eCommerce auto dealers

This is a growth area in the automotive market. Although eCommerce car dealers are not hugely common, there are plenty of operators out there.

The benefits of searching for a car this way are that you are not limited to a local area, and you needn’t travel miles scouring traditional dealerships.

Don’t ignore second-hand car dealers

While on the subject of dealerships, don’t dismiss the idea of a used vehicle. There is now an increasing demand for used cars and with good reason.

A new car will lose up to 10% of its value the moment you drive off. Over the course of the first year, it will lose up to 20% of its value in total. Used cars don’t depreciate so quickly. Also, your dream car might be a vintage model, and you won’t find that in a new car showroom.

Try car auctions

This can be an excellent way to buy a new car at a low price. The range of cars that go through auto auctions varies. But often dealerships will sell off cars that have been sitting around too long. Repossessed vehicles also turn up at some auctions, and they are a fertile hunting ground for vintage cars.

One downside is that you are unlikely to be able to take a car for a test drive and if your bid wins it is legally binding. So, take care, if you spot your dream car, bid with caution.

Scour the listings and eBay

Private listings offer another possibility. Online marketplaces such as eBay offer another type of auction. Although it might seem strange to search for a car on eBay, Oberlo points out that 11% of listings are automotive-related.

There have been more than 4.1 million cars sold on the auction site, and over 14 million unique visitors land in the automotive section each month. Whether this will bring you to your dream car is another matter, but there is no harm in searching.

Checking out your dream car before you purchase

Wherever possible, if you are buying a used car get some checks made before you hand over your hard-earned money. Cutting corners here can see your dream car turn into an expensive nightmare.

Obtain a vehicle history report from Carfax or AutoCheck. Give the car a thorough examination, and ask for a test drive. If you aren’t mechanically minded or inexperienced in buying cars, ask a friend to come with you or preferably a mechanic.


Buying a car can be exciting, and if that car happens to be a dream vehicle you have long wanted, doubly so. Finding the right car can take time, but it is worth making the effort here.

Search for websites that review car dealers and offer buying tips. Understand what to look for, then choose the best route for you to go down. Carry out checks where necessary, and hopefully, you will soon be driving the highways in your dream car.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of


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