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The Deadliest Intersections in Florida

Every year, thousands of car accidents happen. The odds of getting into one are higher than you would think. It is frightening to know that in 2016, 26% of all fatal car accidents were caused by an intersection. This number is expected to rise as more people commute in their cars. How can you protect yourself from being a victim? You might think that being cautious will take care of it all, but there is one thing you can do that will make a difference in the safety of your commute. That is to ensure you know the safest intersections in your area. Many people disregard the importance of safety and the need for precaution. Because of this, they end up stuck in the middle of a road after an accident or someone being injured or worse. Here are several intersections in Florida we rank as being riskiest:

Top 10 Deadliest Intersections In The State Of Florida

1. Fort Lauderdale

It is no surprise that the intersection of Dixie Highway and Commercial Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale would be listed among the deadliest in Florida. In 2017 alone, there were eight fatalities from accidents at this intersection, making it one of the most dangerous in all of Broward County. The location itself is somewhat troubling. Commercial Boulevard is a bustling street, and there is a high volume of traffic at the intersection. Additionally, there is no traffic light at this intersection, making navigating even more challenging. These factors make this location one of the most dangerous in Florida.

2. Tampa

Tampa Bay has more than its share of risky intersections. The intersection of Hillsborough Avenue and Fletcher Avenue in Tampa has been responsible for 15 deaths since 2012 on its own, with 36 total injuries during that period. That makes this intersection one of the most dangerous locations in Hillsborough County for driver safety. “We get a lot of people calling us about their accidents on Hillsborough Ave.,” said Gregg Spagnolia, Esquire, an attorney working out of Rhino Lawyers in Tampa. “With such high volume traffic, people must take more precautions in the area.” 

The intersection is bustling and is at the city’s heart. Hillsborough Avenue is also a major thoroughfare and carries a high traffic volume. It only worsens when you consider that there are no lights or left turn lanes to provide added protection for drivers at this intersection.

3. Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce has been a hot spot for high-profile accidents over the past few years. As of 2016, seven fatalities from collisions happened in Fort Pierce, which ranks among the top ten deadliest intersections in Florida for driver safety. The most recent accident was an accident that took place on Highway A1A, which happened on March 26th. A 21-year-old man was killed after he drove his car into a tree.

4. West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach’s most dangerous intersection is Jefferson and Palmetto boulevards. It is known as one of the most dangerous in Florida. In 2016 alone, there were 15 deaths at this intersection in West Palm Beach. The bustling intersection has no traffic lights and left turn lanes to help drivers navigate it safely. An accident happened on May 2nd when a man died after being involved in an accident with another person right before running into a pole and hitting the ground head first.

5. South dixie highway

There is a high volume of traffic that comes through this intersection every single day. And because of this, it is one of the most dangerous in South Florida. The intersection has been the site of numerous accidents over the past few years, including one in early March. A driver was killed after he drove his car into a telephone pole at this intersection in Hialeah.

6. Miami

Miami is no stranger to devastating traffic accidents, and many people feel that the worst happens on Brickell Avenue and Southwest 2nd Street, which makes it one of the deadliest intersections for driver safety in Miami-Dade County. This intersection ranked as the fifth most dangerous intersection in Miami-Dade County. In 2016 alone, there were five deaths in this location and twenty-four injuries. 2017 has been no better, with four deaths in the nearby streets of Southwest 1st Avenue and Southwest 2nd Street, which are just a block away from the deadliest intersection.

7. Pensacola

Pensacola is another community that has its fair share of deadly intersections. Pensacola Boulevard and Fairfield Drive are one of the most dangerous, which is why they made it to number six on our list. It accounted for five deaths and thirty-one injuries. It is also ranked as one of the most dangerous intersections in Escambia County for driver safety. This intersection is another one that has no traffic lights, which can make it quite challenging to navigate through safely.

8. North federal highway

It is another bustling intersection, and it gets worse when you consider that there are no lights or any mechanism that helps keep the traffic flow going smoothly. In 2016 alone, this location had eight fatalities, making it one of the deadliest intersections in South Florida.

9. Pembroke Pines

Eleven people have been killed at the Pembroke Pines intersection of Flamingo Road and Stirling Road. Pembroke Pines is another community that traffic accidents have utterly decimated over the last few years, and this intersection is one of the most dangerous. It has had a total of twenty-one injuries since 2012. This intersection can be complicated to navigate safely because of all the high-end stores and restaurants and traffic from Coral Springs and Hollywood, two major streets that intersect with Flamingo road.

10. Alton road and dade boulevard

Alton Road and Dade Boulevard is a bustling intersection right in Miami’s heart. In 2017 alone, there have been fifteen deaths at this location, including two accidents just one day apart. In both accidents, drivers were killed after hitting vehicles during morning rush hour. Another accident happened when a driver lost control of their car and hit a telephone pole.

Final Thoughts

Intersections are often the scene of some dangerous accidents, and few people realize that many intersections across the United States have been responsible for dozens of deaths and injuries. These intersections also rank high on our list of the most dangerous intersections in Florida. When you are in a car, driving at 45 mph and being surrounded by fast-moving vehicles, it only takes one second to destroy a life. And when you consider that an intersection is often the site of countless dangerous accidents with hundreds of injuries and deaths, this becomes clear. When driving your vehicle somewhere in Florida, find out if your state has an open road law and use it to your advantage to get through traffic as safely as possible.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of


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