How to Choose the Correct Bilstein Shock Absorber?

Car enthusiasts know that Bilstein produces some of the most popular shock absorbers in the world. However, they also know that not all Bilstein shock absorbers are created equal.

With lots of shock absorbers from Bilstein, a Bilstein shocks comparison is in order. You’ll also need a streamlined comparison of their range to better understand which among them you should pick.

Fortunately, we did just that to help you choose the correct Bilstein shock absorber.

Bilstein B2

The Bilstein B2 damper is a replacement damper. You can use this if you need to replace your shocks because your car’s MOT failed or the shocks are leaking since these are designed to replace your original automobile suspension.

Bilstein B4

Like the B2, these are categorized as replacement dampers. There are a few B4 versions depending on the vehicle use, but they are all designed to replace the original shocks that came with the car when it was new.

Replacing your car’s shocks with a B4 gives it a better-than-new feel. In most situations, the B4 shock is available for all passenger automobiles in either monotube or more typical twin-tube configurations.

In short, the Bilstein B4 is the cost-efficient option if you want to replace your car’s original dampers with something with the superior build quality.

Bilstein B6

The B6 is an uprated absorber with a non-adjustable gas-pressure shock that aids in achieving the ideal balance of comfort and performance. 

The B6 is built with high-quality components to ensure exceptional performance even when demands are great. This is ideal for drivers who prefer a sportier ride without lowering the vehicle or replacing the original springs.

We found the damper acceptable for a non-lowered vehicle wishing to improve your vehicle street performance in town and on the highway. Frequently seen on track day cars, the B6 has roughly 20% stiffer figures than a basic shock absorber on a vehicle. 

However, you must evaluate your standard shock; if you currently own a performance vehicle, your shock may be better suited to the B6 as standard.

The B6 is for you if you want to increase your car’s handling capabilities. The B6 is also suitable if you wish to keep the vehicle’s ride height or do a lot of towing and need a firmer suspension.

Bilstein B8

The Bilstein B8 is similar to the B6 shock absorber but shorter. These are exclusively used with lowering springs or on vehicles with factory sports suspensions as specified.

Lowering springs, such as V-Maxx or Eibach, are shorter than OE springs to provide the all-important coil spring pre-load.

The B8’s shorter shock aids in ensuring proper spring tension on the reduced spring, hence improving the handling and driving experience. The damper will assist a decrease in “bottoming out” when driving on everyday roads.

It is rated around 20% stiffer and is pretty comparable to the B6, but the reduced shock adds an added improvement. The B8 line also includes intriguing versions, such as the 5100 series for those wishing to raise the ride height, which is ideal for 4x4s and off-roaders.

To sum it up, if you have a lowered car or want it lowered, the B8 will be better because the shortened shock will aid in ‘bottoming’ out the damper.

Bilstein B12

Why does the Bilstein B12 range give the best of both worlds? Because Bilstein manufactures the best dampers in the world and Eibach manufactures the best springs.

These two manufacturers collaborated and put the kits together, with the Eibach Pro-kit being the most popular of the springs they offer.

These give a great driving feel for every day, allowing you to drive around town comfortably while being firm when needed. With most cars giving a drop of roughly 30mm, paired with the Bilstein B8’s shortened rod, you can trust your suspension to take the corner confidently, without rattling your teeth and getting that ‘crashy’ feel.

Dampers are a critical factor in taking care of your ride, as they often drop the car and shorten the life of the shock. But with the Bilstein B8 involved, you won’t be compromising anything.

The Sportline is a spring for vehicles requiring a more excellent job, usually around the 40-45mm drop. The springs offer a firmer feel but are still ideal for customers searching for a decent everyday ride with a perfect setup.

Simply put, use the kits to save money and complete the task in a single order. 

Bilstein B14

The Bilstein B14 is a wonderful kit to install on your vehicle, with height adjustment, a two-year guarantee, and outstanding build quality. You can use it for a quick road setup, a track day, or a competition. 

You can modify the threaded collar to adjust the car’s height, allowing the optimum setup to get over those town bumps or lower it close to the ground on the track tarmac. The B14 is a harsher setup than the previous models, yet users typically regard it as less ‘crashy’ than the standard suspension.

The Bilstein B14 is ideal for customers wishing to increase their car’s handling even further. Moreover, you can also adjust the vehicle’s height to fit your taste. 


Bilstein has been making automotive parts for over 70 years, and they’ve hit the mark on shock absorbers. With what they have in their lineup, it can be confusing to pick one for your needs.

Ultimately, what you pick is up to you. Just ensure that it’s the appropriate damper for your vehicle, and drive safely.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of


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