Wallace faced suspension for breaking NASCAR’s cardinal rule

NASCAR is one of the most popular motorsports in the world with a massive audience. With such an audience comes a significant expectancy from its drivers to remain professional and keep everything within the rules. These rules apply to the drivers and the teams they associate with. Of course, any deviations from the rules will face appropriate repercussions. The enforcement of these rules is something that is not common but recently the need for this has come up.

Referring to Bubba Wallace’s recent escapade of intentionally wrecking Kyle Larson. The incident happened just moments after the two made contact during Stage 2 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Following this, the driver was suspended for one race, something that has not happened since 2015 when Matt Kenseth was suspended for an on-track incident.

What does this incident mean for NASCAR eSports betting?

Wallace’s incidents apart from having repercussions in real life are sure to reflect within NASCAR games and the eSports scene. Depending on how he continues to handle himself he could lose out on many opportunities such as being featured in future games and attending eSports events. Furthermore, this could jeopardize his position as an ambassador for Logitech for their G923 wheel and pedals set as well as the driving force shifter.

As for the gambling part of the eSport, there should not be many significant changes. If Wallace was a regular eSports competitor this would greatly affect the betting scene. Which makes the space still open for beginners. Additionally, as NASCAR has embraced gambling sponsors many new eSports gambling sites for beginners related to NASCAR eSports betting have popped up. This is great since the industry has much to offer to its users and the sport as well. 

How did the incident occur?

The incident might have been understandable if Wallace had chosen just to retaliate for being raced into the outside wall by Larson. But the next actions made it so that they traveled down the front stretch or backstretch, with a pop into the rear bumper and a shot to the left rear to send Larson spinning into the infield grass. But this is not where it all ends. Following this, Wallace went on to nosedive down the banking off the fourth turn to chase Larson all the way to the edge of the infield grass. Jacking up the right rear of the Chevy with the left front of his Toyota. 

As if it was not already bad enough the incident came amidst a safety crisis within NASCAR. The past few weeks have brought to light many concerts about car safety. Which was sparked by injuries caused to racers, mainly concussions

Wallace’s statement on the incident

The racer stated that the on-track incident was his fault and came from an intentional bump that wrecked both their cars as well as the car of Toyota teammate Christopher Bell. He also apologized for the incident on his social media platforms. Larson has stated at Homestead-Miami Speedway that he didn’t feel the apology was required and considered the matter done. Furthermore, Wallace stated that he was going to continue what he’s been doing and announced that he and Larson had a private conversation. Where both parties understood their frustrations and decided to move forward while learning how to handle these types of situations better.

Larson also provided information on the situation stating that the two racers had a great conversation, with both parties ironing out their relationship. Larson also had conversations with 23XI management where he was reminded of the repercussions of such an incident. Hopefully, this will be the last time we see something like this and the rest of the racers learn from this incident. 

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