7 Best Movies and Shows on HBO Max for Car Lovers in Canada

Nothing makes our hearts race like a fantastic movie or television show with thrilling vehicle chases and races. We’ve got 7 here that auto enthusiasts will love.

More viewers are gravitating toward certain types of films and television series as the world switches from traditional cable to streaming platforms. 

You should activate your HBO Max account and watch these 7 options if you enjoy vehicles and the drama and story that can accompany the action. You’re going to love the drama and be on the edge of your seat, but you’re going to adore the vehicles more than anything.

You can start streaming right now, but since HBO Max is restricted in certain regions, you must get a VPN to stream HBO Max in Canada and explore the thrilling movies. 

What are the Best Auto Movies & Shows on HBO Max?

HBO Max’s content catalog is the best, and there is some great content for car lovers. So which one should you watch? We compiled a list of car shows and movies for you. Let’s have a quick look at them.

The Fast and the Furious

No one can forget about the extremely popular franchise and its movies. This iconic franchise released films one after the other. 

Now all of them have become the best car movies in history. You will see all the cars in this movie in action and how they got modified for better performance and a cool look. 

Brian and Dom are the key roles in this movie. They do lots of things with cars and show the definition of speed and power. 

The Lady and Dale

The story of this movie is all about the three-wheeled car. Liz Carmichael created this car. She gives a name to her car, and that is The Dale. 

It wasn’t a successful project for Liz Carmichael. It is a 1970 car. From the beginning, people have taken The Dale as the most scandalous invention. Liz committed crimes to sell this car. This three-wheeled card creates more trouble. 

Liz tried to make some money from it. There are more interesting incidents that happen in “The lady and Dale”. 

American Graffiti

Movies related to cars are always the best for car lovers. American Graffiti can give you goosebumps. It focuses on a plot from 1962. This movie was released in 1973. 

Here you see some of the coolest cars in action. The plot of this movie tells the story of some high school students. All you need to see are old and muscular cars. Yes, all these cars let you fall in love with them. As a vintage car movie, American Graffiti won our hearts.

Bonnie and Clyde

Love to watch amazing car scenes? Then “Bonnie and Clyde” is the option for you; it’s a groundbreaking movie from 1967. Their main two characters are lawbreakers. 

After breaking the law, they escape from the crime scene. They travel around the town. Its roadside shootout is mesmerizing to watch again and again. There are lots of famous scenes with cars, and you will enjoy them. 


This show is heaven for car lovers. It is a documentary about cars and their roots. All you need to know is its history. In 2017, this documentary was finally completed and released for everyone. 

This show is focused on Gianni Agnelli. He is the person who made fiat popular. It lets us experience the revolutionary life and time of this man. 

How did Fiat get into the car world after getting rejected by the United States of America? All the answers are here in this documentary. 

Dirty Driving: Thundercars of Indiana

Another of the best automobile documentary for car lovers. Do you remember Anderson? It was the largest automotive plant in Indiana. Even the town also settled before this plant. 

Unfortunately, this automotive plant shut down. What happened that time? To know the answer to this question watch “Dirty Driving: Thundercars of Indiana”. It’s a documentary from 2008. That time people tried to gain its glory. 

Top Gear

Finally, in our list, Top Gear comes to enlighten our knowledge about cars. Top Gear is one of the most popular and watched shows on HBO Max

On top of that, this long-running show comes with a different surprise. Now, on HBO Max, you can watch seasons 17 to 29. This show set a mark to display some of the most incredible cars in the world. 

To make your weekend better and watch tough machines, try Top Gear. From amazing vehicular stunts to incredible racing, everything is here in this show. 

To make the show more beautiful, some famous guests come to talk about the cars and what they have in their arsenal. So, don’t waste your time and enjoy the show. 


For car lovers, HBO Max comes with a huge catalog. It quickly took a place in the heart of auto lovers. We found tons of shows and movies that are related to auto. 

Your subscription to HBO Max will not ruin if you are a fan of cars. From action to a documentary about cars, everything is available on this platform. 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com


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