Car Oil Change Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many drivers decide to learn how to change the oil in their vehicles to keep them running optimally and save money on mechanic’s costs. However, doing the job incorrectly can lead to costly problems. Discover the car oil change mistakes to avoid getting on the road and keep moving forward. 

Unprepared and Wrong Equipment

One of the biggest mistakes people make when changing their oil is being unprepared with the wrong equipment or a lack of essential tools. Items like a jack and ramps are required to lift the car and get underneath to change the oil safely. The mechanic near me Moreno Valley drivers recommend to others has the right tools for the job, making it more cost-effective to hire a pro to do your oil change than trying to do it yourself.

Choosing Incorrect Oil

Some people believe all oil is the same and works to keep a vehicle operating correctly. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and using the wrong oil can cause severe problems like engine damage. It is crucial to verify the oil type before changing it to get the right one or consult a qualified mechanic to learn more about the ideal oil for your specific vehicle. 

Track the Mileage

Depending on the vehicle and the manufacturer’s specifications, drivers should change their oil every 3,000 to 10,000 miles to keep their cars running smoothly. Failing to track the car mileage between oil changes can lead to issues requiring repair. When a professional mechanic changes the oil, they generally put a sticker in the window so drivers know when to schedule the next oil change.

Choosing the Wrong Oil Filter

Another common problem is choosing the wrong filter when attempting to do an oil change yourself. Always verify the filter is made for the specific vehicle make, model, and year to ensure it fits correctly. Scheduling oil changes with a mechanic means never worrying whether the right oil or filter was used, helping to save time and money on future car repairs.

Too Much or Too Little

Putting the correct amount of oil in a vehicle is critical to keep it running. However, people trying to do it themselves often overfill or underfill the crankcase rather than putting in the proper quantity of oil. Always verify the amount of oil required to avoid putting in too much or too little during oil changes.

Forget the Oil Filler Cap

Even when people do all the other aspects of an oil change correctly, they often forget to put the oil filler cap back on. If this happens, the oil will spill out in the engine compartment and onto the front tires, creating a hazardous situation and wasting the oil that was just put into the car. While everyone wants to finish the job quickly and celebrate, the work isn’t done until the oil filler cap is put back on after the oil change is completed.

Doing an oil change can be simple for those who understand how cars work and the importance of having the right parts to complete the job. However, the smallest mistake can quickly become a major problem during an oil change, costing drivers more time and money than expected. Talk to a local mechanic about your oil change to get the best possible results. 

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