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Exploring Jeddah during F1 Grand Prix 2023

Saudi Arabia has created all the conditions for holding Formula 1 races and is gaining its trust. Especially in the plans to develop a kind of hub for world motorsports in their country. Thus, there is hope that a lot of Formula 1 teams will go to Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Grand Prix 2023.

The new era

Formula 1 has entered a new era of regulations with innovative cars designed for more competitive races. As F1 management intends to make tires more durable in the future, the maximum number of sets of tires will be reduced from 13 to 11 during the two Grands Prix. Also, provided the weather is sunny during these Grands Prix, the teams will be obliged to use hard tires in the first qualifying segment, medium in the second, and soft in the third. Normally, teams have the right to choose the type of tires they use themselves.

Pirelli has announced changes to the available tires for the 2023 Grand Prix season. A new type of tire will be created, which is listed between C1 (hard) and C2 (medium) in terms of characteristics. The changes will allow teams to use a more flexible strategy, as the C1 tires have been criticized for a significant difference in grip.

Peculiarities of Formula 1 races in Jeddah

Saudi Arabia hosted Formula 1 for the first time in 2021 on the urban track located on the coast of the Red Sea in the port city of Jeddah. If you have the intention to buy F1 tickets to Jeddah Grand Prix, you’d better hurry up, as it is one of the unique events in the F1 series!

The climate of Jeddah is hotly deserted and somewhat softened by its coastal location. Rainfall in Jeddah is sporadic and only occurs during the winter months. Frequent winds, sand storms, dust fogs, high humidity, as well as heat make the climate of the city difficult for a person who is used to more continental types.

So self-preparation for competitions plays an important role in a pilot’s life. They try to do sports and keep themselves in shape.

Preparation for Grand Prix races

Because racing is a very physically exhausting sport, Formula 1 pilots are great athletes. Driving a car on the track is not easy, and it is very hard work. For example, braking: in order to enter a corner correctly, you have to squeeze the pedal as if you were lifting 140 kg of iron. During the Grand Prix race, this will have to be repeated at least 63 times. That is, for all the races to lift about 60 tons, and this is only one of the loads.

Neck muscles which are constantly stressed due to the small travel of the suspension, feel any unevenness on the track very much and have to withstand the high temperature in the car.

Pilots have to drive in all kinds of weather in tight fireproof suits, sitting millimeters from a ton of red-hot iron. Of course, the ability to drive a car is not an integral part of the sport, but the good physical shape does not hurt. It affects especially at the final stage when exhaustion reaches the limit at such moments. Those who are less prepared will fall behind and lose vigilance.

Therefore, most of the work is done in the off-season as soon as the competition schedule is received. Then they pay a lot of attention to maintenance because there are constant races. But not only physical exercises help to be in shape. A good diet is an essential tool in modern sports, on which the results of races depend. All pilots are different in weight, height, and body shape. Although the pilots eat together with the team, some have individual meals. The food menu is diverse before and after the race, so it should be flexible. A lot of time is paid attention to this, but still, unlike other athletes, pilots cannot fully adapt to the conditions of the race.

Preparing yourself to visit Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia opens its borders to foreigners. The country has an incredible number of places that you can enjoy while traveling. Its culture and customs are definitely worthy of your attention. However, if you want to visit this unique Kingdom, you must remember the accepted rules of behavior in Islamic society.

When you arrive in the country, you have to immediately follow their rules and laws. For example, drinking alcohol. When you are at the hotel, of course, there can be an exception, but not in public. Another crucial rule refers to dressing. You should always look modest, no shorts for men, and always covered shoulders and knees for women. It is also recommended that women cover their heads. When you are a tourist, you start taking pictures of everything. And do not tell us you don’t do that! Even though in Saudi Arabia, you have to be really careful with it and do not take any photos without people who are in the shot giving you permission for that. Another thing that may impact you indirectly is the working hours for shops, restaurants, and cafes. Remember that people in Islamic countries pray about 5 times a day, so everything is closed every time they go pray. 

Exploring the country during the Jeddah Grand Prix 2023

When you decide to explore the area, Uber is a great option to commute, as it is relatively cheap and has no language barriers. We’d definitely recommend you discover Al Balad and learn more about the traditional life in Saudi Arabia. There you may explore Souq Al Alawi and other traditional markets, museums, and the Al Rahma Mosque.

You should also try regular shopping at Jeddah malls, like Red Sea Mall, the Mall of Arabia, and Serafi Mega Mall. And, of course, the Corniche. Take a walk there, going from the Al Rahma Mosque to King Fahd’s Fountain. You may also take a boat trip, take a pilgrimage to Mecca, and visit Moon Mountain landscapes and Taif city. So much to explore!

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