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5 Reasons Why Your Motorcycle Burning Engine Oil

When it comes to motorcycles, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as noticing that your motorcycle is burning oil. Not only can this issue lead to poor performance and reduced engine life, but it can also leave you with an unsettling feeling of uncertainty.

Your motorcycle needs sufficient oil to keep the engine cool and the crankshaft and other parts well-lubricated for smoother power output. For a smoother riding experience, your motorcycle should have an optimum engine oil level. Excess oil in motorcycles leads to excess smog, oil leakage, engine misfire, spark plug carbon fouling, and other issues.

Understanding why oil burning in motorcycles is crucial for any enthusiast or rider. In this article, we will dive into the top five common causes of oil burning in motorcycles. You’ll also learn easy methods to fix the problem.

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5 Reasons Why Your Motorcycle Burning Engine Oil

The function of engine oil is to keep your engine cool and moving parts well-lubricated and frictionless. Without engine oil, you will face performance issues, and the engine may seize in the long run.

If your motorcycle is burning oil, please check the following things immediately-

1. Worn Piston Rings

Worn piston rings stand out as a common culprit among the various reasons that can lead to oil burning in motorcycles. The piston rings are crucial in maintaining optimal engine performance and preventing oil from entering the combustion chamber.

However, when these rings become worn or damaged, they can no longer effectively seal the piston against the cylinder walls, resulting in oil consumption and combustion issues. To fix this problem, please visit a mechanic garage and get the piston ring replaced.

2. Valve Seal Issues

Valve seals play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of a motorcycle’s engine by preventing oil from seeping into the combustion chamber. However, when these seals become compromised or worn, they can lead to oil-burning issues that impact engine performance and overall reliability.

3. Leaking Gaskets or Seals

When it comes to maintaining the optimal performance of a motorcycle engine and a hassle-free riding experience, you should use a high-quality gasket for sealing the engine covers.

These components act as barriers, sealing different parts of the engine and preventing the leakage of fluids, including oil.

However, gaskets and seals can wear out over time, leading to leaks that contribute to oil-burning issues. To fix the problem, you should replace your gasket to seal the leakage.

4. Engine Overheating

Engine overheating is a concern that no motorcycle enthusiast wants to encounter. Besides the immediate impact on performance, an overheated engine can lead to long-term damage and oil-burning issues.

If your motorcycle engine is overheating, please clean the radiator. If your motorcycle engine is air-cooled, please remove any aftermarket accessories that you installed in front of the engine.

5. Cylinder Wall Scoring

Cylinder wall scoring is a critical issue that can significantly affect the performance and longevity of a motorcycle’s engine. This condition, characterized by the formation of grooves or scratches on the cylinder walls, not only leads to reduced compression but also contributes to oil-burning problems.

Improper lubrication and low-quality oil are the primary cause of cylinder wall scoring. This is a severe problem that requires extensive repair. So, visit a professional mechanic garage to fix this problem.


I hope you understand the various cause of motorcycle oil burn. Worn piston rings, valve seal issues, leaking gaskets or seals, engine overheating, and cylinder wall scoring are among the common culprits behind this frustrating problem. Please take your motorcycle to a professional mechanic to get the problem fixed.

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