Expert Advice: How To Look After Your Luxury Car

Luxury cars, with their superior performance, unmatched comfort, and sheer elegance, are investments that deserve special attention. They’re more than just a mode of transport—they’re a statement of your style and status. 

To ensure that your luxury vehicle remains in pristine condition and functions at its optimal performance, there are specific maintenance and care steps you should undertake. Here’s a compilation of expert advice on how to care for your opulent asset.

1. Regular Servicing Is Key

Stay on top of your service schedule. Unlike regular cars, luxury vehicles often have intricate components that require expert attention. Regular service ensures that every part is in its best condition. This not only helps maintain the car’s performance but also extends its lifespan.

2. Use Premium Quality Products

Invest in high-quality fuels and lubricants. These vehicles are designed to run on top-tier products. Skimping on quality can adversely affect the engine’s performance and may even lead to long-term issues. Similarly, when cleaning your car, opt for high-end cleaning products. Cheap products can leave residues or damage the finish.

3. Keep It Clean and Protected

Regular cleaning and detailing are essential. Dirt and contaminants can cause the paint to deteriorate, diminishing the car’s appearance. Detailed cleaning every few months will ensure that the car’s exterior and interior remain in top-notch condition. 

Additionally, consider paint protection films or ceramic coatings to provide a barrier against potential scratches and environmental contaminants.

4. Mind Your Tyres

Inspect them regularly. Luxury cars often come with high-performance tyres, which may wear out faster, especially if you’re driving aggressively. 

Regularly check for signs of wear, ensure they’re inflated to the correct pressure, and rotate them as advised. Remember, tyres are the only contact point between the vehicle and the road—keeping them in optimal condition ensures safety and improves performance.

5. Opt for Professional Storage

If you’re not using your luxury car daily, or if you’re planning to store it for an extended period, it’s essential to consider professional storage solutions. 

Places like Autovault offer specialised services to ensure that your car remains in the best condition even when not in use. These facilities usually provide a controlled environment, which is vital to prevent potential damage from humidity, temperature fluctuations, and other environmental factors.

6. Drive With Care

A gentle approach goes a long way. Avoid sudden accelerations or hard braking. Luxury cars are designed for performance, but that doesn’t mean they should be driven aggressively all the time. Gentle driving helps in reducing wear and tear and ensures that the vehicle remains in optimal condition for longer.

7. Protect It From the Elements

Consider where you’re parking. If possible, always park your luxury vehicle indoors or under a shade. UV rays, bird droppings, and tree sap can damage the paint over time. During harsh weather conditions, such as hail or heavy rain, ensure that the car is safely tucked away.

8. Keep the Interiors Pristine

Attend to the insides as well. Luxury car interiors, often made from premium materials like leather, require special care. Regularly clean the interiors and use products designed for the specific materials in your car. For instance, leather seats benefit from periodic conditioning to prevent them from drying out and cracking.

9. Stay Updated With Technology

Luxury cars come packed with the latest technology. Familiarise yourself with the vehicle’s tech features, regularly update software (if required), and consult with the manufacturer or your dealership for any recommended upgrades.

10. Build a Relationship With Your Dealer

Your dealership is more than just a sales point. Most luxury car dealers offer post-purchase services and can be a wealth of information on maintaining your vehicle. 

Regular check-ins, attending workshops, or just seeking advice can go a long way in ensuring your car remains at its best.

In Conclusion

Looking after a luxury car requires a bit more attention to detail compared to regular vehicles. With the right care and approach, your vehicle will not only serve you well but will also remain a symbol of elegance and luxury for years to come. Remember, it’s not just about maintaining a mode of transport; it’s about cherishing a masterpiece.

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